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While the previous intern was approaching the end of their internship, we already had a new intern ready to start working. His name is Gabriël Dorothal and he works as the Online Marketing Intern from August 2021 until January 2022. Now that the restrictions are slowly easing, we can welcome him to our office at the HIG building every day.

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Gabriël: “I am very appreciative for the opportunity to have my internship at Tiledmedia. The journey to this company was quite interesting. In January I applied for this position but unfortunately, I was too late and Dilay had already been hired. This meant that I had to choose a specialisation at the University, and I chose Digital Marketing. The specialisation course taught me exactly what I needed to know for this position and after I finished it, I came back, better prepared, applied again and got the position.

This company is very different from my previous internship experiences. The small size of the team allows me to get to know everyone better and the stand-up meetings are a very fun way to receive an update from everyone within the company.


Even though I have only been here for a few weeks, I have learnt a lot already and the knowledge that I acquired during the specialisation course fits perfectly in the position of Online Marketing Intern. I am currently optimising the website for better Organic Search Engine results and I will keep looking for ways to improve the company during my stay.”

If you are interested in working at Tiledmedia, check our jobs page to see if we have a suitable opening.

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August 26, 2021

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