Will Your Users Like Personalized 8K Broadcast?

Will Your Users Like Personalized 8K Broadcast?

We call it “planar” tiled streaming, because we haven’t found a better name for it yet. But what we are showing at Harmonic’s NAB booth (SU810) is exciting: interactive streaming of 8K content to mobile devices. The technology employs the same tiled streaming technology that underpins ClearVR. It’s just a different mapping onto the screen, and it’s not intended for consumption in headsets (but, who knows?)

The use case is actually the same one that led us to start the development of tiled streaming in 2011: from an extremely high-resolution source, streaming only the pixels that you see at the resolution that you see them, allowing flexible zoom and pan. We adapted that technology to VR360 and headsets, then to VR360 on ‘flat devices”, and now we are again showing “flat” content on “flat devices”. We’ve gone full circle! (But we certainly see VR360 growing as well – especially for live events.)

We see interest from sports venues, for instance with a track and field events or for football matches (whether American football or what Americans call “soccer” 🙂 It’s a great in-venue use case, where spectators can get personalized views even if they are high up in the stands, in an application that allows them to see replays at their leisure. It is also a great second screen use case, for people watching a game at home.

We are showing the use case with tennis content originating from our collaboration with France Télévisions, together with Harmonic one of our technical R&D partners.

Come see it at SU810!