We are a great mix a of people with different experiences, backgrounds, educations and nationalities. What binds us is the excitement we feel when working on really challenging technology and transforming that into tangible software products delivered on time to our customers. We have a lot of fun doing that while pushing each other to improve in all kinds of ways. We don’t tell or sell bullshit and when we are not working we like going out after work to drink (when there is no Corona) or play games on the office Switch.

Frits Klok

Founder & CEO

Frits is responsible for the strategic course and the operational day-to-day running of Tiledmedia. He is an experienced operational and change manager with a background in the media and networking industry. Tiledmedia is his second start up; Frits founded a start-up in the satellite space in Sydney in the mid 00’s.

Ray van Brandenburg

Founder & CTO

Ray is responsible for the overall technology direction and architecture of our ClearVR products. In addition, he leads the development of ClearVRCore, the underlying basis of our client-side SDKs. Before founding Tiledmedia, he developed world’s first Tiled Streaming solution back in 2010. Ray is active in the standardization of different media technologies, with several IETF RFCs on CDN technology, adaptive streaming and media synchronization on his name, and actively contributing to MPEG standards. Ray holds over 30 patents.

Arjen Veenhuizen

Founder & COO

Arjen runs Tiledmedia’s operations, is responsible for the design and implementation of the cross-platform client software development kits. Furthermore, he manages Tiledmedia’s employees. Before founding Tiledmedia, he was a key member of the team that developed TNO’s Tiled Streaming technology, and he is a skilled expert in heterogeneous media synchronization. He was the architect and main developer of the “NUlive” live streaming platform, which he created together with Ray. Arjen loves interacting with his colleagues and customers.

Rob Koenen

Founder & CBO

Rob is a media research manager with 30 years of experience and many national and international leadership positions. He has a huge network in the media industry, which he uses for Tiledmedia business development. After co-founding the VR Industry Forum, he became the Forum’s first President. Rob guided the market adoption of MPEG/ITU AVC as Founder and President of the MPEG Industry Forum. He currently co-leads MPEG’s VR activities.

Randolf Nijsse


Randolf is Tiledmedia’s Chief Investment Officer: a deal maker and investment expert with a telecommunications background. With 20 years of experience in the mobile, fixed and satellite communication industries, Randolf is active in the fields of corporate development, corporate strategy, M&A, financial advisory, and equity & debt financing.

Maarten van der Lee

VP Marketing and Sales

Maarten is our enthusiastic VP of Marketing and Sales. He has a background in international sales, business management and telecommunication. He is an expert in building lasting relationships with our partners and customers.

Marius van Eck

VR Software Engineer

With his background in mathematical sciences and specifically quantum mechanics and quantum crypto, Marius is Tiledmedia’s latest hire, working on Tiledmedia’s VR encoding tools and platforms.

Lorenzo Goldoni

VR Developer

Lorenzo develops our VR apps and contributes to our SDKs . He has a background in (VR-)gaming and helps optimizing the codebase.

Dr. Xavier Corbillon

Projection and Algorithm Expert

Xavier is our expert on VR projection and streaming methods. His doctoral thesis was on those very subjects and now he is devising and improving the algorithms we use to encode, package and stream high quality VR. His GPU coding skills are legendary.

Sophia Smit

Office Manager

Sophia is our Office Manager, creating order in the chaos of our ever-growing office and work force

Tse-Kang (Stan) Shen

Software Developer

Stan is our all-round software developer. He currently focuses on bringing ClearVR to PC-based platforms but helps out in other areas as well.

Glenn van der Meer

BD Manager Greater China

Glenn is our Chinese-speaking business development manager for Greater China, the land of endless VR possibilities. China is his passion and he’s about to be relocated to the region, to develop Tiledmedia’s VR business from a local office.

Lucas Le Faucheur


A Master Student at GeorgiaTech, Lucas helps Tiledmedia in further building out its transcoding platform.

Mees Kern


Mees studies programming and game design at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. He works with Lorenzo, developing client-side technology and demo applications.

Ramin Töpfer


Ramin is a student from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where he studies ICT Network & System Engineering. Expecting to graduate in 2022, Ramin helps us setting up test environments for our client SDKs.


Saulė Buterlevičiūtė


Saule is our intern from Lithuania, studying International Business and Languages at the Rotterdam Business School. Responsible for our ad campaigns and content agenda, Saule helps us with our online and inbound marketing.