ClearVR Cloud service

The ClearVR Cloud service enables our customers to transcode their high resolution VR180 and VR360 streams into ClearVR streams. A friendly user interface is available via ClearVR Cockpit and also programmatic access (API) is supported to easily fit into most delivery chains.

ClearVR Cloud supports Live 8K VR360 and VR180 video streaming and up to 16K VR360 pre-recorded content encoding and packaging. It is available worldwide on AWS, GCP, Azure and AliCloud and is the world’s most powerful live VR streaming platform.  It supports multiple camera’s for the same event with the ability to synchronise those camera’s to seamlessly switch between viewpoints. Customers delivering the VR streaming service can control the platform with the ClearVR Cockpit application running om Windows, Linux and Mac.

Worldwide Availability

Easy Integration

Live and VoD

API access

Cockpit UI

High availability