ClearVR Software Development Kit

ClearVR SDK can be integrated into a customers VR Player application to enable high quality VR360 and VR180 streaming. ClearVR SDK is available for all major platforms and devices. 

ClearVR SDK supports the playback of extremely high resolution VR360 and VR180 video in any VR video player it is integrated into. Depending on the device capabilities it can receive and display streams of up to 16K monoscopic VR360 video or 11K stereoscopic VR360 video. It supports all major platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) via a cross platform Unity based SDK. Support for native SDK integration into Android and iOS is being developed to target specific customers’ needs. It has been tried and tested on more than 600 different device types.


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Oculus – HTC – Pico


Unity – Android – iOS


16K VoD – 8K Live


Synchronize camera’s

Save 75% bandwidth