ClearVR Software Development Kit


ClearVR SDK contain the elements to allow content distributors to integrate ClearVR low latency high fidelity streaming intelligence into their players. It has a features listed.


  • Supports head-mounted displays, tablets, phones, STBs, TVs
  • Instant camera switching in multi-camera productions
  • Support for tiled VR360 and tiled “planar” content as well as regular HD and 4K streams (MP4 and HLS ) – the ClearVR SDK provides one single media stack for all types of content
  • Spherical, cylindrical, and rectangular projections, monoscopic and stereoscopic, 360 and 180-degree, including fisheye
  • Head rotation, swipe and zoom, magic mode
  • For live and on-demand streaming
  • Extremely error-resilient streaming
  • SDK has been operational on 500+ device make/model/version combinations
  • Lowest motion-to-high-resolution latency on the market



  • Easy integration of VR360 or 2D tiled streaming into existing applications.
  • Existing partners have been able to integrate the ClearVR SDK in less than a day.
  • Choice of high-level API for fast integration and low-level API for detailed customization.
  • High-level and low-level API’s can also be mixed for combination of easy integration and fine-grained control



  • Extensive Application Programming Interface (API) docu­mentation.
  • Reference Source Code of ClearVR integration in a sample streaming application.



  • Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher, including devices like Oculus Go and Quest, Pico, Skyworth, Viveport …
  • Unity and native OpenGL
  • iOS
  • PC (Oculus/Vive):  2020 Q1
  • Web client on the roadmap



  • 8kp60 monoscopic source or 6kp60 stereoscopic source VR360 on Android and iOS devices that decode HEVC 4kp60 (Main Profile Level 5.1).
  • 12K stereo VR360 on devices with 8K decoders
  • Planar content, e.g. as shot with an 8K camera or multiple 4K cameras: no real limitations; have shown 12K+ content.
  • Multi-layer on the roadmap, allowing zooming without resolution loss.


Bandwidth: Typical bandwidth use of ClearVR streaming, depending on source content:

  • 4k source (monoscopic): ~5 Mbit/s.
  • 8k source (monoscopic): ~15Mbit/s.



  • Stereo or TBE ambisonic carried in (HE-)AAC.
  • Other formats on request.



  • Scales with your business.
  • Price per minute ClearVR streaming (4k/6k/8k).
  • Affordable fixed yearly license fee for the technology.