High fidelity VR360 streaming

Regular streaming of VR360 has several major drawbacks:

  • It looks awfully fuzzy
  • It requires a very high-speed Internet connection
  • It can make you sick if it isn’t reacting fast enough

Below is an example of regular streaming VR360 versus streaming ClearVR 360. These are actual screenshot magnified to emulate the VR headset view.

Regular VR @ 5Mbit/s 4k source (footage courtesy of Digital Immersion)

ClearVR 360 @ 5Mbit/s 4k source (footage courtesy of Digital Immersion)

Our ClearVR solution enhances picture quality dramatically even at regular internet speeds, increases the number of users reached substantially and lowers distribution costs for distributors of VR360 or panoramic material.

Next to these advantages, ClearVR allows source resolutions that are way above the actual capabilities of the viewing device. For example a Samsung Galaxy S7 can normally only decode a UHD (4K) video image, with ClearVR source pictures of up to 10K are possible on an S7; enabling a huge quality gain for the viewer.