Mosaic streaming

Clickable personalized mosaics that open up a full screen version of the video stream that you just selected are difficult to create and give a sub-par user experience with today’s streaming technology.

  • When the user clicks a stream, regular video streaming methods need a couple of seconds to adjust to the new situation
  • Creating mosaics with regular streaming technology requires really separate streams that are glued together on a web page or in an app.  Simultaneous playing  of these streams requires several parallel decoders, often resorting to the use of battery and compute expensive software decoding.
  • Using one decoder is possible with regular streaming technology but for every user a separate personalized mosaic needs to be created and streamed. An expensive solution.

ClearVR is a low latency optimised  streaming technology that removes these drawbacks. Check out the technology page to see how ClearVR achieves that. Since every tile can be a separate stream, and all ClearVR tiles are decoded as a single picture, only one decoder is required and easy mixing and matching of different streams can be done on the fly. Selecting a stream to view takes only tens of milliseconds (around 0,03 seconds), impossible to notice for a regular user. This results in an instantaneous switch to full screen of the chosen part of the mosaic in the user’s perspective.