Online Marketing Internship








March 2021


Hours per week
Fulltime – 40 hours

Who are we?
Tiledmedia is a young and fast-growing start-up located in Het Industrie Gebouw (HIG) in Rotterdam. For over three years we have been building the world’s most advanced solutions for streaming Virtual Reality of the highest quality. Our customers are major media and telecom industry players (like for example Sky and BT) located worldwide. Our ClearVR solution for streaming very high-quality VR consists of a client-side SDK and a cloud-based transcoding service. On top of these core products we have developed our own VR video player to demonstrate the power of ClearVR.


Does this sound like you?
I am an HBO or University student of a commercially oriented study looking for an internship. I have an interest in new technologies like Virtual Reality and get excited about working for a tech start-up. I am able to work 5 days a week for at least 5 months. I have excellent communicative skills and can communicate in English, both spoken and written. I have solid problem-solving skills and have worked in teams before. I would like to share my own ideas and are eager to help drive marketing and sales.


Who will you be working with?
Tiledmedia is a flat organization, meaning you will work directly with Tiledmedia’s founders Frits Klok and Rob Koenen. Our VP Marketing and Sales Maarten van der Lee will be your mentor. As our commercial intern, you will be part of the team that sells ClearVR to customers worldwide. We are a diverse group of people from France, Italy, Poland, Taiwan and the Netherlands.  There are many topics to work on, so your exact assignment will be determined based on mutual interests.


If you’d be our colleague, you could have worked on these things last week:

  • Working on your Search Engine Optimization skills using Google Ads
  • Creating new online advertisements together with the Marketing Manager
  • Analyzing, summarizing and presenting the monthly online marketing results based on Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Mailchimp.
  • Creating and driving a content agenda to ensures that potential customers get relevant and interesting information through our website, newsletter and social media
  • Updating our website with new blog posts and news articles
  • Managing content on social media such as LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Monitoring our social media results
  • Creating our monthly newsletter using Mailchimp


What you may expect from us:

  • A rich and challenging learning environment and the opportunity to help sell the international standard for VR video streaming.
  • Interesting and fun colleagues from all over the world.
  • Frequent company activities that you can help organise.
  • An opportunity for professional and personal development guided by enthusiastic colleagues and experts in the industry.
  • A traineeship compensation of €300/month.
  • Excellent coffee and a daily lunch shared with your colleagues. Experience our tradition to invent and try sandwich combinations. Do you dare trying a peanut butter, chili and dried onion sandwich?
  • Your own COVID-safe desk in our spacious office – which is in the vibrant Industry Gebouw that also hosts Rotterdam’s best pizza place Old Scuola, the Jarmusch Breakfast Diner, the trendy Héroine restaurant and Alfredo’s for tacos and beer.


You read through this entire vacancy and made it to the end. Awesome.

As we see it, you have three options:

    1. You are looking for another type of challenge → Alt + F4
    2. You like what you read, but you still have more questions before you decide → Maarten van der Lee, our VP Marketing and Sales, would be keen to help you getting answers. Send your questions to and expect a quick response, no strings attached.
    3. You’re convinced you want to hear more → Please send your resume to and we’ll process your application within 5 workdays. Don’t worry, all applications will be treated with highest confidentiality.