Tiledmedia works with a number of partners across the industry. Tiledmedia’s philosophy is not to provide a complete end-to-end chain, but rather to work with the best-of-breed. The following is a short list of such partners whom we work with publicly.

Founding Partner

TNO is a shareholder and R&D partner of tiledmedia. TNO, the Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research, is an independent 3000 people R&D organisation that houses the Netherlands' largest ICT research group. Our tiled streaming technology is based on 5 years of research in TNO carried out by Tiledmedia's founders; this R&D included international projects in which TNO participated.

Technology Partners

We integrated our tiling solution with Ericsson's HEVC encoding technology, and showed VR as a 2nd screen, synchronized with and augmenting the main UHD broadcast, at IBC 2017. We are now working on further integration and support for more advanced and immersive experiences using 360 content.

We are integrating our solution with Harmonic, world leader in video delivery infrastructure. We unveiled our tiled VR streaming solution at IBC 2016 at Harmonic's booth, and also cooperated on the untethered GearVR solution that we showed at CES, together with Viaccess-Orca and Digital Immersion.

We integrated our tiling technology with NGCodec's Reality Codec™, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality applications. NGCodec leverages FPGA acceleration in the Cloud; Tiledmedia customers can benefit from this technology to process VR360 content in the cloud, lowering encoding costs and increasing encoding speed.

Viaccess-Orca is visionary partner for content service providers worldwide, thanks to its ability to shape the ultimate content experience wherever viewers are and on whatever device they choose to consume content. We have integrated our technology with Viaccess-Orca's Virtual Stadium Client and shown it at CES 2017 and at Mobile World Congress 2017.