ClearVR Overview


Tiledmedia’s ClearVR products are optimized to deliver the highest possible streaming VR360 quality to VR headsets and mobile devices. ClearVR is designed to be easily integrated in existing media production and delivery chains, including those deployed by broadcasters, operators and OTT players.

Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology consists of a Software Development Kit – ClearVR SDK – and a cloud transcoding service – ClearVR Cloud. Together, these enable high-fidelity VR360 and VR180 streaming.

The ClearVR SDK is available for integration in player apps on various platforms including VR headsets and mobile devices. ClearVR Cloud transcodes on-demand and live VR content into the ClearVR format and then puts it on a content delivery network of your choice, ready to be streamed. An example of a live chain including ClearVR:

Using our experience and expertise, we will ensure easy integration of ClearVR  into your existing content delivery chain. We provide APIs to integrate ClearVR Cloud with your streaming systems for both live and on-demand. We have worked with all the major camera and stitching brands like KanDao, Insta360, Focal PointVR, Voysys and several other bespoke camera rigs and stitchers.

Our solution is available globally, including in mainland China.  ClearVR Cloud is deployed across all main cloud providers (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud).  ClearVR is operational on the major CDNs for video streaming, including Akamai, CloudFront, and Wangsu. We continuously expand support for clouds and content delivery networks, ensuring  integration into our customers’ delivery chains is as smooth as possible.


Tiledmedia supports the following products:


Clear VR SDK: the smarts of of the ClearVR tiled streaming solution are wrapped in an SDK that is ready to integrate with a player application. The ClearVR SDK handles it all: networking, media delivery, decoding, rendering and content interactivity like panning and zooming. The decoding function relies on the decoder that is already present in the device.


Clear VR Cloud: a one-stop shop for processing VR360 videos to produce packaged tile streams that are ready to be placed on any Content Delivery Network. ClearVR Cloud (Live) can be integrated in your CMS through a straightforward API. We also provide ClearVR Cockpit, an easy-to-use controller application that enables customers to encode their own clips and to manage and monitor live events. Depending on their infrastructure, our customer usually implement the API for transcoding on-demand content, while they use ClearVR Cockpit to manage live transcodes. ClearVR Cockpit is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux.