Tiledmedia @ CES 2018

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Meet us at CES in the Holland Startup Pavilion, Eureka Park, in the Sands!

Tiledmedia will have a booth in the Holland Startup Pavilion, Eureka Park, in the Sands. We would love to meet you there and show our latest ClearVR technology, which we are unveiling to the public at CES.

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ClearVR provides the highest quality for streaming VR360 and panoramic content by only streaming the part of the  scene that users actually watch.

Relying on industry-standard decoders available in all modern phones and tablets, ClearVR’s unique tiled streaming technology significantly reduces streaming bandwidth, enabling distributors to deliver their content in great quality to today’s devices and over today’s networks, while increasing viewer reach and lowering distribution cost. ClearVR allows content with resolutions as high as 8k to be consumed on regular mobile VR devices that only have a 4k decoder.

The ClearVR product suite consists of:

  • ClearVR Software Development Kit that content distributors can easily integrate into their VR applications;
  • ClearVR Cloud: a web-based one-stop shop for encoding and packaging content;
  • ClearVR Packager, which allows encoder and platform vendors to integrate ClearVR in their content processing chain.

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