Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology enables use cases from:

  • media & entertainment
  • training
  • healthcare
  • location-based VR


Would you like to discover how ClearVR enables your use case? Whether it be one of the use cases highlighted here, or another use case that you have in mind? Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Media & Entertainment

Many of our customers, potential customers and partners are from the Media & Entertainment space. Applications include Sports, Music, and Events in general.


ClearVR enables Media and Entertainment applications by:


  • Supporting both on-demand and live applications, with the same app and technology
  • Supporting most popular headsets, tablets, phones including models going 3-4 years back, and modern Set Top Boxes
  • Enabling virtually instant camera switches, while keeping all stream in sync, in both live and on-demand services.
  • Reducing the distribution bandwidth while at the same time increasing visual quality
  • Reducing the cost of distribution, even when increasing quality
  • Increasing the reach of your audience, by allowing distributors to address homes with lower access speeds





ClearVR is agnostic to production workflows; a high-quality source is all we need to enable your distribution chain. ClearVR Cloud supports a wide variety of ingest formats and can ingest into any CDN.




Virtual Reality is a very promising way to treat phobia, through exposure therapy. Currently, therapy users go to a special location for undergoing therapy, or they can download a fat app with huge amounts of video data before being able to launch the therapy at home. The “clips” that are used can be long compared to entertainment VR; 30 minutes is not exceptional. With ClearVR, you can now do streaming instead of being forced to use download.


Integrating ClearVR in therapy apps can improve the experience in two ways:


  • ClearVR can improve the quality of the video in location-based therapy when using devices like the Oculus Go. because ClearVR only decodes what the user sees instead of the entire scene, the renedered scene can be of higher quality while reducing battery drain.
  • ClearVR enables users to undergo therapy in the comfort of their own home. The dedicated app can remain small and data can be streamed. This eliminates wait time (no need to wait for the entire, huge video to download) and data transport cost is actually reduced, while the visual quality can even be improved.




Training in VR is a great way to expose student and trainees to more realistic situations, fully immersed and without any distractions. ClearVR enables better visual quality and lower distribution cost. All the benefits listed under Healthcare apply to training as well.


  • Location-based training benefits from higher quality video and integration with immersive audio solutions
  • Users can start training sessions at any place that have decent internet access without having to download massive amounts of video data first
  • Providers of training programs and apps benefit from lower distribution cost
  • Using the high-level API the ClearVR SDK can either be dropped into the app for out-of-the-box support of VR360 streaming – a 30 minute effort for a Unity programmer
  • Or, leveraging the lower level API, ClearVR can be integrated with advanced application functionality, like menus and 2D or 3D  graphics. In the case, ClearVR will take care of all VR360 streaming – no more need for huge downloads before the app can be used.



Location-based VR

When using ClearVR, your devices only need to decode the viewport of the user and not the rest of the 360 sphere. This means that you can provide your customers with higher quality VR while saving on battery consumption, regardless of whether your location is a museum, a school, a theme park or an airplane in mid-air.


Using ClearVR, you can:


  • Provide the highest quality VR possible on any device. The quality is only limited by the display, no longer by the decoder
  • Save on battery consumption and let devices run longer without a recharge
  • Keep your devices cooler
  • Run content from the device itself, or from a local server
  • Run completely offline, or seamlessly mix local and online content