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Reliable Video Streaming

Built from the ground up, the cross-platform Tiledmedia Player provides rock-solid video playback combined with the most advanced multiview in the market.

Tiledmedia Player

The Tiledmedia Player is a state-of-the-art cross-platform video player, developed from the ground up by Tiledmedia. We maintain complete control of the cross-platform code base, which we keep perfecting for the best performance.

Leading brands have relied on our player for streaming some of the world’s most significant live sports events. It’s built on hundreds of engineer-years dedicated to ground-breaking “tiled streaming” research and development since 2010. To solve the incredibly hard problem of efficiently and reliably streaming ultra-high quality (8K+) VR content, our only option was to build the complete player from scratch.

Full control stack

In addition to offering unique features such as multiview, the Tiledmedia Player excels at regular, single-feed streaming, the heart of every streaming service. Our tests show that its per­formance exceeds that of any other player in the market. Owning the complete stack provides our customers with major benefits in terms of control, time-to-market, robustness and cost-efficiency.


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Full Code Ownership

Because we own the full stack, we have tighter control over play-out, buffer management and adaptive bitrate (ABR) behavior. And indeed, benchmarks show we are better in side-by-side comparisons with other players when we measure the user-perceived quality. This includes better average ABR quality levels, less buffering, faster stream starts, and more.

Our customers and their users see less playback errors. When they do see errors, we have full visibility into their nature. Other players often provide meaning­less “unknown error” messages as reported by the underlying platform player, which leaves providers in the dark what happened and how to fix it.

Moreover, we are fully responsible and accountable for the entire stack. We cannot blame the underlying players if there are problems with playback – we take ownership. When onboarding new customers, we often resolve playback issues that have been bugging them for years.

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Cross-Platform Consistency

The Tiledmedia player looks and behaves the same across all devices. All functionality is available across all platforms, through the same API interfaces. This makes developing, testing and debugging much more straightforward than when relying on underlying native players, shortening your release cycles and lowering your cost.

Content only needs to be packaged once and can then be consumed on any platform. There is no need for platform-specific packaging, again saving cost and complexity. For example, you don’t need to support both DASH and HLS packaging, and you only need one single caption format. Packaging in one single format also decreases CDN cost and improves CDN performance as directly experienced by the user, because content is more likely to be cached so there is less buffering.

Another example: other players require multiple thumbnail preview formats to show scrubbing thumbnails across platforms. The Tiledmedia Player relies on the same format regardless of the platform.


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Easy 3rd Party Integrations

Integrating with third-party tooling is fast, because we only need to do it once. This applies to usage reporting, error reporting, client-side ad insertion, etc.

We have pre-integrated with a number of ad solutions and reporting frameworks already, and this was straightforward each time.

The ease of integration extends to QA testing – when an integration works on one platform, it will work on all platforms. This significantly shortens the effort, the time and the cost of deploying new features and integrations.

Giving your streaming application a consistent cross-platform look-and-feel is equally straightforward with the fully customizable JavaScript UI.


The Unique Advantages

On demand

Best-in-Class Playback

Reliable playback with the best ABR behavior, the fastest start-up, the lowest buffering, and the least amount of errors.

High quality


Available for Android, all Apple platforms, Web, Android TV, and select STBs and sticks. Same consistent behavior across all devices.

Tech budget


Save on integration cost, testing, and CDN expenses. Shorten time to market.

Zero latency

In Control

Full control over player behavior. Better insights into metrics. Less errors – and the power to resolve them.


Seamless Integration

Easy integration into your production and delivery chain. One single cross-platform player. Do all your integrations only once.

Any display device


Combine best-in-class, reliable video playback with the most innovative multiview and the highest quality VR

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