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Extraordinary Events and Shows

Tiledmedia Technology enables bringing fully immersive live shows to your customer’s living room and their mobile devices. Whether it’s the world’s most advanced multiview, or the highest quality VR, the Tiledmedia Player does it all.

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Live or On-Demand

Give your customers the feeling of being in the front row at their favorite artist’s concert, theatre play, or any other event from anywhere in the world. Give them access to all cameras in a unique multiview experience with  immediate switching and completely seamless, continuous audio.

Or,  use Tiledmedia’s unique ClearVR technology to deliver the best-in-market quality for live and on-demand VR360 and VR180 streaming. Make your content available on all popular VR headsets and mobile devices, at the lowest possible bitrates. ClearVR reduces distribution bandwidth and cost, while increasing quality. Reach a wider audience by addressing customers with lower internet speeds.

Whether you want to stream live shows or on-demand content, our player and streaming tech support both – and also “scheduled on-demand” where you can let on-demand content play as if it was live. Multiview, VR, or even a combination like multiview in a headset.

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Party rooms or a private movie theatre

Let your customers enjoy shows in real-time: together with friends, either in their own private movie theatre experience or by creating their own party rooms. The Tiledmedia Player ensures that all users stay in perfect sync no matter if there are thousands of people watching a live event, or just a few friends watching a pre-recorded show together. The Tiledmedia Player enables scheduling the content play-out, keeping users in sync and enabling a smooth catch-up to make sure the audience will be able to share their emotions throughout the show. Again, this works across basic video play-out, multiview, and VR.

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Instant, continuous-audio multi-camera switching

The Tiledmedia Player supports access to multiple parallel live cameras, and immediate and seamless switching – with continuous audio – during the shows. There will be no buffering for  viewers, and no hiccups in the sound. You can facilitate the most enjoyable and interactive viewing experience to your audience. For VR applications, we facilitate the encoding in Tiledmedia Cloud. For multiview,

Highly immersive shows with ClearVR

Virtual reality has the power to fully immerse the viewer in a theatrical or musical experience, to give artists opportunities to reach new audiences, and to create experiences that would not be otherwise possible. ClearVR technology allows streaming both live and prerecorded events in an extremely high quality and reaching wider audiences – even those with lower bandwidth needs. High resolution is extremely important to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience, and to eliminate VR sickness even during longer shows. With ClearVR Cloud you can allow streaming events from multiple camera angles and enable seamless switching between cameras to your audience with continuous audio.

ClearVR supports the most popular headsets, tablets and phones

ClearVR services and software are optimized to deliver the highest possible streaming VR360 quality to VR headsets and mobile devices. Our mission is to enable reliable distribution of live VR streams that scale to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers. ClearVR is designed to easily integrate in existing media production workflows and delivery chains, including those deployed by broadcasters, operators, and OTT players. The viewer experience is always optimized and reliable.

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