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The Future of Sports

ClearVR technology enables an immersive, interactive and responsive way of streaming live sports events to fans, at extremely high quality.

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Live streaming

ClearVR enables distribution of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices, including head-mounted displays, smartphones and tablets. Spectators can watch sports events live from their living room, feeling like they are at the stadium. ClearVR enables bandwidth-efficient, high-quality video by streaming only the viewport.

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Instant camera switching

ClearVR makes switching between cameras seamless, with instant response times and an accurate sync between cameras. This means that sports fans can freely and frequently change viewpoints without the fear of missing out on the live action, even in fast-paced sports. Audio will continue during the switch without interruption.


Watch with your friends

ClearVR lets all viewers stay in perfect sync and share the same emotions at the exact same time. ClearVR is a complete toolkit to build co-viewing experience: let your users watch live events together with their friends. Where VR used to be an isolating experience, ClearVR enables friends to share excitement and disappointment as it happens, no matter where they are.

Using ClearVR enables us to bring live sports events straight to your consumers

Sports viewers are increasingly demanding. They want more interactive and immersive experiences, social and personalized. To keep viewers in their headsets longer, the VR video needs to be of ultra-high quality. ClearVR enables streaming live sports at an extremely high-resolution to your consumers, at bandwidth requirements that can be met by existing access networks and WiFi connections. ClearVR powers an immersive experience, live and on-demand, with customizable features such as camera switching, zooming, multiple camera streams in one screen, virtual Jumbotrons, sync between cameras and sync among viewers. Fans can watch their favorite teams play from a stadium seat, no matter their actual physical location.

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ClearVR supports the most popular headsets, tablets and phones

ClearVR services and software are optimized to deliver the highest possible streaming VR360 quality to VR headsets and mobile devices. Our mission is to enable reliable distribution of live VR streams that scale to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers. ClearVR is designed to easily integrate in existing media production workflows and delivery chains, including those deployed by broadcasters, operators, and OTT players. The viewer experience is always optimized and reliable.

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