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The Future of Sports

Tiledmedia technology enables completely novel, immersive, interactive and responsive ways of streaming live sports events to fans, efficiently and massively scalable.

Revolutionizing sports streaming

Stream your favorite games and races exactly how you want and where you want. Today’s sports fans expect nothing less, and they do not have to! Tiledmedia’s Multiview and VR streaming solutions provide infinite possibilities for efficient, scalable, and sticky sports streaming experiences.

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Our patented technology integrates seamlessly with your production and delivery systems, allowing you to provide unique fan experiences through infinite multiview streaming and the highest possible quality VR.



Live and vod

Live streaming

Enables distribution of unique experience streams to consumer devices, for both live and on-demand content, scalable, efficient, and with low glass-to-glass latency.

On demand

No more missed moments

Snappy response and instant switching between cameras with uninterrupted audio. Sports fans can freely and frequently change viewpoints without the fear of missing out on the live action, even in fast-paced sports.


Watch with your friends

The perfect co-viewing experience: let your users watch live events together with their friends. All viewers will stay in perfect sync, increasing viewer engagement and allowing them to share the excitement of the game without fear of spoilers

High available


The Tiledmedia SDK only retrieves the pixels you see at the resolution that you need them.

Massively scalable

Massive scalability

A single transcode allows simultaneous distribution to millions of users over any CDN, using standard http streaming technology. Requires no per-user edge processing, so scaling is very cost-efficient.

Any display device

Take your pick

Available for phones, tablets, AppleTV, Android and Google TVs, Windows and MacOS, Web as well as VR headsets.

Discover our next-generation streaming solutions

Mosaic Multiview powers a truly personalized and customizable experience for sports viewers: multiple video streams can be played on one screen simultaneously. Each user can make their view unique, and determine which feeds go where on their screen, and at what size. The days of letting your favorite player out of sight or missing an important moment during a stream are truly gone!

Want to offer a next-gen VR experience? Our ClearVR solution enables streaming sports live and on-demand, offering an immersive experience with amazing clarity and resolution at reasonable bitrates. Tiledmedia technology reduces the required bandwidth by 75%, which means it can run on existing access networks, mobile connections, and Wi-Fi transmission. Moreover, ClearVR also supports immediate switching between cameras that are in lock-step sync and zooming into the action on mobile devices while retaining crisp video. Our solution also allows users to stay in sync, letting fans experience the ups and downs of the game together, without spoilers.

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