Tiledmedia Apps Privacy Policy

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Tiledmedia Apps Privacy Policy

Tiledmedia’s demonstration applications, among which the “ClearVR Player” for headsets and the “Tiledmedia Player” for mobile devices, do not collect or store any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”).

Tiledmedia (“We”) may provide users (“You”) with login credentials which may give You access to content that is not publicly available.

We do not track, record or store when You log in using these credentials. We do not track which content You view in a way that can be traced back to You.

We may log aggregate usage information; if We do so, We do not link it to PII data, and We do not store it in such a way that it could be linked to You later.


ClearVR Player 应用程序不会收集或存储任何个人身份信息(”PII”)。

Tiledmedia(以下简称 “我们”)可能会向您提供登录凭证,使您可以访问不公开的内容。我们不会跟踪、记录或存储您使用这些凭据登录的情况。