Beijing 2022: Live VR Across China in Incredible Quality

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Beijing 2022: Incredible 8K VR quality live across China

Beijing 2022 was live-streamed in unprecedented quality in China via the Yangshipin VR (央视VR) app on the Pico Neo 3 headset and the Yangshipin (央视频) mobile app. The project is a collaboration between Yangshipin, Intel, Cosm, Tiledmedia and other partners.

Beijing 2022 has ended, but full replays of the games will be available through at least August ’22.

China’s largest broadcaster and major streaming provider, Yangshipin (央视频) streams the 2022 Beijing Games to viewers located in all of mainland China and Macau SAR.

The application on the Pico headset is powered by Tiledmedia’s High-Quality ClearVR solution, making it possible to view the games in full 8K VR180 resolution. Twice the resolution of state-of-the-art 8K VR360, this is the highest resolution of any live VR ever, anywhere in the world.

You can check out the videos below to get a sense of the live stream experience in a headset.


Video courtesy of Yangshipin (央视频)

Within the VR experience, viewers can choose to watch the games either in VR180 or VR360, and can follow sports including freestyle skiing and snowboarding, short track skating, ice hockey, curling and figure skating, as well as the impressive opening and closing ceremonies.

Video courtesy of Yangshipin (央视频)

The Yangshipin VR application gives a VR360 view that provides an in-stadium feeling that is truly immersive due to the ultra-high resolution. Fans can also opt for a VR180 view that places viewers into a luxurious, Beijing-themed viewing suite. The VR180 view provides a director’s cut across five cameras placed in locations where no spectator would ever be allowed.

Video courtesy of Yangshipin (央视频)

Next to live event coverage, the app also contains full replays and incredible – and sometimes downright scary 🙂 – immersive feature clips.

The Yangshipin app got some very nice feedback on the Pico app store, here are a few written reviews and their translations:



“This app makes it worth buying a headset, with new content being uploaded all the time! I really hope that you will keep it up after the Olympics end, and add other content to the app.”



“Nbnbnb (This rocks) if you could broadcast football like this as well it would be great”



“This is a high-tech APP, a must-have for watching the Winter Olympics, you can check the medal rankings, the agenda of all broadcasted events, and the best feature is the on-site live streaming option, which gives you a front-row seat without paying for a ticket, awesome”











If you are interested in more detail, check out the blog from our engineer Marius who works from Beijing. Or contact us at hi(at) You can also follow us on WeChat (Scan the QR code above).

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