BT Sport gives fans an upgrade to 8K VR360

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13 Dec – BT Sport gives fans an upgrade to 8K VR360

BT Sport has been making available VR360 feeds from top league football matches for over 4 years now. Fans have the option to choose extra cameras in the BT Sport app, where these cameras are placed at interesting locations: the typical centre camera, and near the goals. They also get a “360 Director’s Cut” that follows play and has a virtual Jumbotron with the broadcast feed.

These feeds have been available in 4K but almost from the start, BT Applied Research has looked at taking the quality beyond 4K. In VR360, 4K is little more than a bare minimum.

Last month, BT Sport introduced the iPhone 12. At the same time, it launched 8K VR360 to its Ultimate users. Fans can now literally get closer to the action as the 8K feeds don’t just improve quality. They also allow very significant zoom levels while keeping fidelity.

The use case is described in more detail here.

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December 13, 2020

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