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Tiledmedia Player SDK

Innovative Immersive technology that allows flexible streaming of Multiview Mosaic and VR content. The Tiledmedia SDK streams only the pixels that the user sees, at the resolution that they see it. This provides the highest user quality wile reducing bitrates up to 75% for VR360.

Tiledmedia Player Software Development Kit

The Tiledmedia Player SDK is built for integration into your mobile or headset application, to enable ultra-high quality immersive streaming. It supports playback of extremely high resolution VR360 and VR180 video in any VR video player built on top of it. Depending on device capabilities, it handle streams of up to 16K monoscopic VR360 video or 11K stereoscopic VR360 video. The Tiledmedia player SDK is available for all major platforms: Android, iOS and Windows, as well all popular headsets. It is also available for native integration into Android and iOS mobile applications. The Tiledmedia Player SDK has been field-tested on thousands of different device/OS combinations.

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Highlights of Tiledmedia Player SDK

All devices

For all devices

Supports any display device, such as head-mounted devices (Oculus, HTC, Pico, Skyworth), smartphones and tablets.

Platform support

Major platform support

Supports Android, iOS, Windows, for Unity and native integration.

High quality

Highest quality

Enables up to 16K VR360 and a virtually infinite number of channels/cameras for Multiview Mosaic.

Camera switch

Allow instant camera switching

Seamless switching between cameras and feeds, with instant response and seamless audio.

Camera sync

Synchronized cameras

All cameras in a production – live or on-demand – can be accurately synchronised.


Saves 75% bandwidth

Allows VR360 bandwidth reduction of up to 75% through streaming ultra-high quality only at the viewport.

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Wonder how it works?

Tiledmedia’s “ClearVR” demonstration application is available in the Google Play store and in the iOS App Store for tablets and phones. The ClearVR app can be downloaded from SideQuest for Oculus Quest devices and VIVEPORT for the VIVE Focus.

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