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Tiledmedia Technology

The Tiledmedia Player is an innovative player built from scratch. Use it for great and reliable basic streaming and for advanced use cases like the most versatile multiview and the highest quality VR380/VR180.

The Tiledmedia Player

For basic, “vanilla” streaming, Tiledmedia’s player is compatible with virtually any video stream type in commercial use.

For Multiview, the innovative approach that Tiledmedia offers allows efficient streaming of extremely responsive multiview applications to millions of users simultaneously over any CDN. Tiledmedia Multiview relies on standard http streaming technology; no per-user edge processing required.

For High-Quality VR transcoding we offer Tiledmedia Cloud, which supports live and on-demand use cases.

Tiledmedia Cloud also supports multiview transcoding, but most of our customers prefer (and we prefer as well) that we enable multiview transcoding in their existing transcoding pipeline. AWS Elemental supports it today and other transcoding providers  will follow soon

Tiledmedia Enables the Most Reliable and Advanced Streaming

Mosaic Multiview Streaming

Mosaic Multiview streaming supports streaming live and on-demand events with multiple camera streams. It also allows the streaming of multiple unconnected events at the same time. It is the most advanced and most flexible Multiview streaming solution on the market, allowing an infinite number of streams, instant switching, and unlimited options for repositioning and resizing by the user. Going way beyond the traditional 4 streams, Mosaic not only supports rectangular video feeds, but also VR360 and VR180 – and combinations of these content types.


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High-Quality VR Streaming

Streaming VR360 video is challenging; it requires a lot of bandwidth to deliver an acceptable quality video stream that is responsive to head motion. The result is usually a low-quality image or an experience that can make the user sick – or both. ClearVR tiled streaming solves these problems. Tiledmedia’s tiled streaming technology enables streaming of high quality VR360 video over existing networks with a very snappy response to head motion.

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Using Tiledmedia technology.

High quality

Extremely high quality or low-latency distribution

Stream 4 times the resolution at the same bitrate of “legacy” VR, which equates to a much higher quality. Or, distribute VR with a glass-to-glass distribution in around 2 seconds.

Zero latency

Mosaic Multiview

Use the most advanced and most flexible multiview streaming solution on the market. Stream an infinite number of streams, offer instant switching, and unlimited options for repositioning and resizing to your users.

Any display device

Multiple devices

Support many platforms with one Player device (all phones, all tablets, many smart TVs, many set-top boxes, all popular VR headsets).

On demand

For live and on-demand content

Offer both live and on-demand streaming.

Massively scalable

Massively scalable

Distribute to millions of users over any CDN, using standard http streaming technology. No need to use per-user edge processing, making scaling very cost-efficient.


Lower bandwidth

Reduce the amount of VR data you stream by a factor four for the same quality, allowing VR streaming at bitrates comparable to normal video.

Seamless integration into your processing chain

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Tiledmedia technology

Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology consists of a Software Development Kit – Tiledmedia Player SDK – and a cloud transcoding service – Tiledmedia Cloud. Together, these enable high-fidelity VR360 and VR180 streaming, low-latency VR streaming and multiview streaming.

Tiledmedia Player SDK is available for integration in player apps on various platforms including VR headsets and mobile devices. Tiledmedia Cloud transcodes on-demand and live VR content into the ClearVR, low-latency or multiview format and then puts it on a content delivery network of your choice, ready to be streamed.

Integration into your content delivery chain

Our experience and expertise ensure easy integration of Tiledmedia Cloud and Player SDK into your existing content delivery chain. We provide APIs, to integrate Tiledmedia Cloud with streaming systems for both live and on-demand. Tiledmedia has worked with major camera and stitching software brands like KanDao, Insta360, Black Magic Ursa, Focal PointVR, Voysys and several other bespoke camera rigs and stitchers.

Tiledmedia technology is available globally, including in mainland China. Tiledmedia Cloud is deployed across all main cloud providers (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba Cloud). We support all major CDNs for video streaming including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, and Wangsu. We continue to expand support for clouds and content delivery networks, ensuring the integration into our customers’ delivery chains is as smooth as possible.

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Relying on industry standards

Tiledmedia’s solutions rely on international standards. This makes our technology straightforward to deploy to existing devices over existing content distribution channels.

We believe in the interoperability that good standards bring. Standards benefit both consumers (things just work), our ecosystem partners (our technology is easy to integrate) and content providers (being able to rely on standards significantly reduces their cost). Relying on standards also allows us to speed up the development of new functionality, as we don’t have to reinvent any wheels.

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