ClearVR Cloud

ClearVR Cloud is a service hosted by Tiledmedia to transcode 8K Live and up to 16K pre-recorded VR360 and VR180 content for distribution over any Content Delivery Network.

The ClearVR Cloud Service

The ClearVR Cloud service transcodes high-resolution VR180 and VR360 feeds into ClearVR streams, ready for distribution.

ClearVR Cloud supports Live 8K VR360 and VR180 distribution, and transcodes up to 16K for streaming pre-recorded content.

ClearVR Cockpit

ClearVR Cockpit provides an operator-friendly user interface to ClearVR Cloud. Alternatively, use programmatic access (ClearVR Cloud API) to integrate ClearVR into your delivery chain.

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World’s Most Powerful Live VR Streaming Platform

ClearVR Cloud is available worldwide on public cloud infrastructure, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, as well as Alibaba Cloud. ClearVR Cloud is the world’s most powerful live VR streaming platform. It supports events with multiple, synchronized cameras and seamless switches between viewpoints. Customers delivering VR streaming services have full control over their transcoders with the cross-platform ClearVR Cockpit application, or through the ClearVR Cloud API.

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ClearVR Cloud Highlights


Worldwide availability

ClearVR Cloud has been deployed in public cloud infrastructure across data centers worldwide. Examples include UK, NL, US East and West Coast, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Bahrein, and more.


Easy integration

ClearVR Cloud is easy to integrate into your distribution chain. It supports direct ingest from widely used VR cameras through RTMP, as well as HLS and SRT for Live services, and a wide variety of codecs and formats for filed-based workflows. Relying on HTTP distribution, ClearVR Cloud can egress to virtually any CDN.

Live and vod

Live and VOD

ClearVR Cloud supports transcoding of live and on-demand content, as well as “scheduled on-demand” which allows the same content to be played out as live many times over.

Api access

API Access

Managing ClearVR Cloud is easy through the cross-platform Cockpit application, or through the ClearVR Cloud API. This applies to live as well as file-based workflows.

Massively scalable

Massively Scalable

A single live transcode can serve as many users as your CDN supports. Tile-based ClearVR distribution requires no per-user processing; it relies on simple HTTP steaming, like any modern OT service.


Secure Distribution

ClearVR Cloud supports encryption and DRM, making it straightforward to deploy the distribution of high-value content to your users

Seamless integration into your processing chain

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