Intel Networks Builders Webinar (August 2021)

How Sky Produces and Tiledmedia Distributes the Highest Quality Live VR


How Sky Produces and Tiledmedia Distributes Live Premier League Matches in High Quality VR

Replay this Intel Network Builders Webinar to learn how Sky UK produces and Tiledmedia distributes Premier League football matches in VR, at the best quality. Hear it from the experts: Matthew McCartney, Head of VR at Sky, Richard Mills, VR Producer at Sky and Rob Koenen, co-founder of Tiledmedia.

Matt, Richard and Rob take the audience through the production and distribution of a live, multi-camera VR event at the highest quality that currently available headsets can display. They discuss the entire chain from camera to headset, including all elements that sit between those pieces of glass: cameras choice an position, contribution encoding, transcoding for viewport-adaptive distribution, CDN aspects, distribution, security, and a bit on the final user experience in a social VR setting.

Sky VR is a leading producer of Immersive Content. From Entertainment to Sport, Sky VR offers a range of ground-breaking interactive experiences. Titles include: Britannia VR, Curfew VR, Discovery of Witches, and Hold the World with David Attenborough. Sky is now bringing its expertise in Sports Production to new Live Sports immersive experiences. Tiledmedia is the provider of technologies and services for the distribution of VR content at the highest possible quality to today’s devices over existing and emerging networks. Tiledmedia provides the transcoding and client-side SDK for all video in Sky Worlds.

The full Webinar can be accessed for replay here.

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August 6, 2021

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