Improve User Engagement With Personalized Multiview Advertising

There’s a better way of showing ads in streaming, more personalised and less intrusive. It’s called Personalised Multiview Advertising.



Multiview technology allows viewers to watch multiple video streams simultaneously on the same screen, with the ability to customize the layout of the different streams. This puts the viewer in control, allowing them to follow multiple events at the same time and enhancing their viewing experience. It also provides a new revenue stream for OTT publishers through non-intrusive Personalized Multiview Advertising. We announced an exciting collaboration in this space in our joint press release with Ad Insertion Platform.

Personalized Multiview Advertising offers full flexibility in setting the layout of the advertisement and the main event. Publishers and advertisers can choose to display their advertisement in a small window in the corner of the screen (Picture-in-Picture), side-by-side with the main content, or in any other configuration. The solution is fully customizable and personalized, allowing publishers sell tailored Multiview spaces to their advertisers. For example, Wilma might see a soft drink ad in her PiP, while Fred is served a sneakers ad.

The video above shows some examples of how it could look, but the possibilities are endless. Creative minds can come up with visually compelling solutions that enhance the viewing experience and engage the viewer in new ways. Multiview technology offers a new era in interactive video streaming and advertising.

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March 1, 2023

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Frits Klok