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Mosaic Multiview

Give your viewers the most flexible and interactive multiview streaming experience.

Mosaic Multiview

Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview solution enables streaming events with multiple camera streams, live and on-demand. Mosaic Multiview also provides a unique interface to multiple independent streams at the same time – think TV channels.

Streaming providers can offer their users many simultaneous video feeds. The user can then choose how these feeds are displayed – which ones are shown large, where on the screen, with thumbnails and picture in picture. The possibilities are endless.

Mosaic Multiview also allows mixing regular, “rectilinear” video feeds with VR180/360 videos. The technology is available for smartphones, tablets, select smart TVs and set-top boxes, as well as head-mounted displays (HMD).

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Personalized and interactive viewing experience

Sports audiences are more and more demanding and want more active experiences. The Mosaic Multiview solution allows viewers to decide which camera feeds they will be watching large and which small.

For example, it allows the viewer to continuously follow their favourite driver at a racing event or favourite sport in an athletics event. Or, watch your football team play while keeping an eye on the F1 race at the same time – instantly switching back and forth. Mosaic Multiview makes the viewing experience highly interactive and completely personalized.

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Instant switching between camera feeds

Mosaic Multiview makes switching between cameras seamless, with instant response times and an accurate sync between them. This means that sports fans can freely and frequently change viewpoint. Even in fast-paced sports, they can switch without the fear of missing out on any of the live action. Audio will continue during the switch without interruption. We give you a no-hiccup-guarantee!

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Social sync

All viewers will stay in perfect sync and share the same emotions at the exact same time. The sync feature is available for both live streaming or VOD content that is scheduled to play at the same time. Mosaic comes with a complete toolkit to build a co-viewing experience. Let your users watch live events together with their friends!

Deliver a state-of-the-art viewing experience

Sports viewers are increasingly demanding. They want more interactive and more personalized viewing experiences on their mobile devices. To attract new viewers and reduce churn, streaming providers need to deliver a highly engaging viewing experience. Mosaic Multiview gives you the power to do so.

We also provide usage metrics on what is watched and on the duration and location of your viewers. This helps optimise multiple aspects of the service.

How does it work for the end-user?

As an example, there might be 8 small videos and 1 large video playing on the device. An end-user watches an official football broadcast, and then wishes to go to a view of the camera closest to the opponent’s goal. They click on the little video for the goal, and that video is immediately displayed on the large screen, while the broadcast feed goes to a smaller screen. Users are also able to constantly follow their favourite athletes on big screen in multicamera events, such as car races, cycling, athletics etc. The end-user experience is highly engaging and personalized.

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Tiledmedia Cloud and Player SDK

Mosaic Multiview is enabled by Tiledmedia Cloud and the Tiledmedia Player SDK. Our services and software are optimized to deliver the highest possible streaming quality to mobile devices, VR headsets, select smart TVs and set top boxes. Our mission is to enable reliable distribution of live streams that scales to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers. Our solutions are designed to easily integrate in existing media production workflows and delivery chains, including those deployed by broadcasters, operators and OTT players. The viewer experience is always optimized and reliable.

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