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Mosaic Multiview

Give your users an infinite number of streams for the most engaging streaming experience.

Mosaic Multiview

Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview streaming solution enables multiple video streams to simultaneously play on one screen. Each user can fully customise their own screen for the most engaging and immersive viewing experience. Let them choose what they want to watch, let them adjust the size and number of feeds on their screen. Freely mix in additional features like graphics and statistics.

Mosaic Multiview is fully customisable and still massively scalable. That’s because it requires no per-user encode or any other per-user processing.

This solution is available across mobile devices and easy to integrate for the service providers. Also, Mosaic Multiview supports live as well as on-demand streams, with glass-to-glass latency down to as low as a few seconds if required.

The possibilities are endless.

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Infinite Amount of Feeds; Highly Efficient

Mosaic Multiview enables an infinite number of streams on one screen. Service providers can offer as many camera feeds as they want; users can freely choose from these.

Highly efficient: it streams only the pixels and feeds that users request at the resolution that they are shown.


Fully User-Customisable

Users can customise the size, amount, and position of many videos simultaneously on their screen, choosing from an infinite number of sources. This lets users pick their own camera positions and create an engaging experience, just the way they like it.

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Massively Scalable & Low Latency

Mosaic Multiview is both massively scalable and personalised. Only a single transcode serves all users; no per-user processing is needed. This enables simultaneous distribution to millions of users over regular CDNs.

It’s also low latency – down to a second g.lass-to-glass. Ideal for live sports and betting applications.

Using Mosaic Multiview technology

Any display device


Available for phones, tablets, AppleTV, Android and Google TVs, Windows and MacOS as well as VR headsets

On demand


Instant switching between video streams



One single encode serves all users. No per-user processing required

Live and vod


Supports live, scheduled play-out, and on-demand streaming



Easy integration into your production and delivery chain

Camera switch


Utilises existing production feeds

Seamless integration

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Tiledmedia Cloud and Player SDK

Mosaic Multiview is powered by Tiledmedia Cloud transcoding and the intelligent Tiledmedia Player SDK. Our technology is optimised to efficiently deliver the highest streaming quality to mobile devices, certain TV platforms, Windows and MacOS devices and headsets. A web SDK is in advanced development, and will be released towards the end of 2023. We enable the reliable distribution of content that scales to millions of users. Our solutions are designed to easily integrate in existing content delivery chains.


Enabling Users to Create Their Own Stories

Let’s take car or motor racing as an example. Usually, there are many (on-board) cameras that could be made available to fans. Mosaic Multiview allows users to access to any number of these cameras. This allows them to create their own stories in addition to following the director cut, following their favorite driver(s). They can follow the full race, every action, every overtake, and any stats that are available. They might even combine a replay of a race event with the ongoing live feed, all on the same screen.

Mosaic Multiview gives users the power to create their own screen layouts with any number of streams. They can instantly add, move, and resize feeds, or remove them again, with full freedom to mix and match. Our technology is extremely scalable, allowing thousands or even millions of fans to have their own, unique screen layout. They can access the streams via tablets, phones and supported TVs. No matter what device, every fan experiences seamless video switching with continuous audio and feeds in perfect sync.


Stay tuned!

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