Podcast: live encoding beyond 32 million pixels for VR

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05 Oct Podcast: live encoding beyond 32 million pixels for VR

Following an interesting conversation at IBC 2019 on the Beamr booth, Tiledmedia’s co-founder Rob Koenen was invited to the Video Insiders Podcast hosted by Dror Gill and Mark Donnigan of Beamr. Rob showed the live 8K stream from the Future Trends Theatre being streamed over 4G to his iPhone, and that piqued the interest of Dror and Mark.

Rob sat down with Mark and Dror for a long, fun, and in-depth conversation. The podcast touches upon the IBC live 8K VR streaming project and tiled VR streaming in general. It also discusses CDN operation for VR Streaming, and the challenges of distributing immersive media in general.

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October 5, 2019

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