Through the Hoop onto the Table: CMCC Cloud VR & Tiledmedia launch immersive 8K Live service

Migu final

What is the connection between Basketball and Table Tennis? Not much at first glance, but the answer is that both sports can now be viewed in high-quality 8K VR on the CMCC Cloud VR Application on Pico 4 and Neo 3. Let’s take a closer look at the recent CBA basketball and WTT Table Tennis events below!


As a subsidiary of China Mobile, and a key player in the sports streaming market in China, Migu has been giving its viewers access to compelling content for many years. In addition to offering premium IP, Migu has always strived for innovation and optimisation of its service. This is why Migu launched its CMCC Cloud VR application on both mobile phones and headsets, to evolve streaming from flat 2D into immersive VR video experiences.

The key to successful VR video streaming is to have both high-quality video, as well as accessibility to a large audience by reducing bandwidth on the user side. This is exactly why Migu and Tiledmedia started cooperating, using tiled-based ClearVR streaming technology to enhance the video distribution to CMCC Cloud VR viewers, increasing resolution and video clarity, while also decreasing the user-side bandwidth.

After starting their cooperation, CMCC Cloud VR and Tiledmedia went to work, completing a series of deployments and tests. On April 5th, we saw the fruits of our labor, with CMCC Cloud VR live streaming a CBA Basketball game between Guangdong and Xinjiang in 8K VR, all while using tiled-based ClearVR distribution to ensure the highest possible quality at a suitable user-side bandwidth. The live stream was available for CMCC Cloud VR users on Pico 4 and Pico Neo 3. The excellent position of the VR camera and the crispness of the video made for a very immersive experience, giving viewers the feeling of having a front-row seat in a packed stadium!

CBA 8K FOV (Video courtesy of CMCC Cloud VR)


Just over a week later, viewers with headsets were treated with an 8K live stream of the world’s best Table Tennis players battling it out at the WTT Champions tournament in Xinxiang. On April 14th and 15th , the Men’s and Women’s semi-finals and finals were streamed in 8K, with another great camera angle for users to enjoy. With 8K video’s increased quality and a big jumbotron screen that was inserted, users could not only feel the excitement and tension in the arena, they can also clearly see the expression on the players’ faces after scoring that crucial point. We would argue that only at this quality can you really start to appreciate the skill and speed of these athletes! The viewers saw Fan Zhendong and Sun Yingsha prevail and be crowned as worthy champions of this prestigious event.


WTT Championship 8K FOV (video courtesy of CMCC Cloud VR)

The good news is that these events are only the beginning, CMCC Cloud VR plans to live stream numerous sports events in 8K VR throughout the year, and we at Tiledmedia are very excited to support this! Now that we have the system in place, we are working to expand the support to more devices across China, plus we will continue to optimize the video quality and prepare additional features to the application. Stay tuned for more news and for all people with Pico headsets residing in China, you can download CMCC Cloud VR from the store and try for yourself!

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May 3, 2023

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