Tiledmedia adds ClearVR support for Pico Neo 3

Pico neo 3
Pico Neo 3

2021 Is living up to its promise of being a significant year for Virtual Reality. Not only are more and more people experiencing immersive video on their phones, tablets and PCs, consumers are also increasingly willing to take the next step and buy a VR headset. In addition, the volume of compelling games and video content in VR has grown rapidly, plus software that enhances user experience – like ClearVR – is also on the rise. To top this all off, 2021 has seen an impressive number of newly released VR headsets, and there are more to come still. In our continuous mission of making ClearVR as easy to integrate as possible, we try to enable ClearVR for as many devices as possible. If optimizing the ClearVR SDK wasn’t as urgent as it is, our dev team could start an unboxing channel just for VR headsets on Youtube! Jokes aside, today we are happy to announce that the ClearVR SDK supports the Pico Neo 3, and that we have released the ClearVR Player for Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye in the Pico Store.

Clearvr player in the pico store
ClearVR Player in the Pico Store

Tiledmedia’s cooperation with Pico goes back a long while; after Pico released the original G2 headset back in 2018, we enabled our ClearVR SDK to run on the device, and Tiledmedia also developed a G2 version of the ClearVR demo Player. Following this, we took the same steps when the G2 4K (2019), Neo 2 (2020) and REAL Plus (2020) entered the market. Pico hardware and ClearVR software has been used together successfully on projects and tests for world-leading clients such as LG U+ in Korea, and China Mobile in China.

Three generations of pico vr headsets that support clearVR
Three Generations Of Pico Vr Headsets That Support ClearVR

The Pico Neo 3 is a really nice headset that meets the current demands in the market. Just to name a few perks: it is comfortable to wear for longer periods and has a relatively long battery life. Second, Neo 3 is a 6 DoF headset, which makes it very suitable for gamers. Third, setting up an account on the headset only requires an e-mail address or phone number. Lastly, it has an 8K decoder, which makes streaming in high-resolution and with stereoscopic 3D video much easier. Together with ClearVR, this device pushes the boundaries of immersive video, we’ve tested playing 16K monoscopic and 12K stereoscopic ClearVR-encoded video on the Neo 3, and it looks Pico Bello!

We are excited to see how the Neo 3 user base and its content platform will develop this year and beyond. Pico is targeting the enormous domestic Chinese market, as well as other areas around the globe. Contact us if you have a project that requires the combined power of Pico hardware and ClearVR software. You can download the ClearVR Player for Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye on the Pico Store, and we can send you the APK for the ClearVR Player for the regular Neo 3. Watch videos up to 8K in our public list, and even try 12K material if required.

If you have high-quality content that you would like to see on the Neo 3, drop us a line and we will encode a test clip for you!

Tiledmedia's china bd manager glenn loves playing on the neo 3
Tiledmedia’s China BD Manager Glenn Loves Playing On The Neo 3
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August 17, 2021

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Glenn van der Meer

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