Tiledmedia and Gaudio Lab Announce Technology Partnership for VR360 Streaming

LOS ANGELES, CA and ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS- (May 14, 2018) – Tiledmedia, winner of a 2018 AIS Lumiere Technology Award and frontrunner in premium VR360 streaming, and Gaudio Lab, an award-winning spatial audio technology company, today announced a partnership to address the emerging VR360 market. The two industry leaders will release a joint SDK in May, combining Tiledmedia’s ClearVR SDK with Gaudio Lab’s Sol audio SDK to offer a high-quality streaming solution for 360-degree audiovisual and VR content.

ClearVR is a high-fidelity VR360 and panoramic streaming solution that removes the “virtual” from VR, delivering a realistic experience. It can be easily integrated into VR players for existing devices that contain industry-standard hardware video decoders, including modern mobile phones and tablets.

Gaudio Lab’s Sol SDK solution goes beyond the limitations of conventional audio formats to provide interactive, immersive and data-rich sound experiences. Sol is codec-agnostic, thus can be easily adopted into any player platform, as well as customized and tailored to specific customer needs.

“Partnering with Gaudio is a logical step for us,” says Rob Koenen, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Tiledmedia. “Customers want to integrate an immersive audiovisual experience into their VR streaming offerings. With this joint SDK, we bring an easy-to-integrate, one-stop drop-in solution to the VR market.”

“The ability to stream VR360 video and audio while taking up minimal computational power gives users the freedom to enjoy immersive content on personal and computer devices,” said Adam Levenson, V.P. of Business Development of Gaudio Lab. “Our joint SDK combines cutting-edge technologies that reduces bandwidth demands, offering a smooth and enjoyable VR360 experience.”


ClearVR allows content providers to stream top-quality VR productions to the broadest possible audience by viewport adaptive streaming on VR headsets, tablets and smartphones. Specifically, ClearVR:

  • Enables streaming and local playback of VR360 scenes with high-source resolution on consumer devices connected to today’s networks. Using ClearVR, content providers can stream 8K quality content to devices that only support 4K decoding.
  • Reduces bandwidth up to 80 percent by cutting up a full 360-degree sphere into tiles and only streaming tiles in view.
  • Allows instant switching between: VR360 camera feeds, monoscopic and stereoscopic VR video, audio tracks and resolutions (4K,6K,8K).
  • Maintains high-quality content in VR cinemas, medical, training, education and other applications that use local content playback.


The Sol SDK renders audio signals in real time, accurately portraying the position of audio sources to respond to the end-user’s movements. Overall, Sol:

  • Maintains low latency and complexity, while posing a minimal burden on hardware.
  • Portrays the soundscape with accuracy through superior sound localization and advanced distance rendering.
  • Offers cloud-based rendering for delivery to devices with limited bandwidth.
  • Supports Gaudio’s proprietary GA5 audio format that packages unlimited object-based sound, Ambisonics, head-locked stereo channels and positional metadata.

Gaudio Lab will showcase the Sol SDK at the Augmented World Expo, May 30-June 1 in Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara Convention Center).

Tiledmedia will demonstrate ClearVR at VRX Europe, May 17-18 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Novotel Amsterdam City), where it also one of the 5 shortlisted companies in “VRARA Netherlands & VRX Rising Stars First Edition 2018” (see http://www.vrararisingstars.com/winners.html [site no longer active]).


About Tiledmedia
Tiledmedia is global leader in flexible and affordable low-latency network delivery of video content with extremely high resolutions to ordinary consumer devices. Through its advanced software, product distribution – e.g. VR360 or 180-degrees panoramic video – can reach the maximum number of viewers possible with the highest quality video. Advanced streaming features, like directional streaming and zooming without resolution loss, are an integral part of Tiledmedia’s ClearVR product portfolio.

Visit tiledmedia.com for more information.


About Gaudio Lab
Gaudio Lab is a spatial audio technology company dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for 360-degree video, interactive VR, enterprise, and custom technologies. Gaudio’s suite of tools can be seamlessly integrated into multiple player platforms and includes Works, an audio production tool, and Sol, a state-of-the-art binaural renderer. Through a regular pair of headphones, Gaudio heightens the user’s overall sense of presence for immersive content.

The Gaudio team includes seven PhDs in the audio field and its core members have developed numerous patented technologies. The company has made key contributions to international audio standardizations, including the binaural rendering standard for MPEG-H 3D Audio. Gaudio Lab has received funding from SoftBank Ventures, Capstone Partners, LB Investment, and Korea Investment Partners.

For more information on Gaudio Lab, its sophisticated 3D audio technology and premium suite of products, visit www.gaudiolab.com and follow Gaudio on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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