Tiledmedia in Intel’s Network Builders Winners’ Circle


16 Dec – Tiledmedia in Intel’s Network Builders Winners’ Circle

Tiledmedia is honoured to be selected for an Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle Award as a Solution Plus partner. This is the second year in a row that Intel selected Tiledmedia for a partnership in the Network Builders Winners’ Circle – a recognition of Tiledmedia’s continued cloud computing innovation efforts.

Intel has been a great partner from Tiledmedia’s early days. Tiledmedia was an Intel booth partner at a number of trade shows. And together, we assembled the partnership that streamed 5 days of IBC in 8K VR360 in 2019.

A key element of our partnership is transcoding solution in ClearVR Cloud Live. This transcoder relies on Intel’s open source SVT-HEVC encoder, that Intel adapted for the specific requirements of a tiled encode and seriously optimized for our use case. A typical 8K tiled transcode relies on 1,500 Intel Xeon cores running in parallel, a number that would have been much higher still without such optimization.

Another focus of our joint work has been in China, see e.g. our blog on how Tiledmedia and Intel enabled Chinese industry leaders (China Mobile Guangdong, Migu, and ZTE ) to do a successful live 8K VR360 trial.

More information about the Intel Network Builders program is here.

We look forward to yet another year of working together with Intel to serve our joint customers globally.

Contact Rob at [email protected] to know more about our services or about partnering with Tiledmedia.

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December 16, 2020

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