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On Stage with Tiledmedia Multiview.

Live concerts in Tiledmedia Multiview are an engaging experience that, as such, is not available any other way (not even to live attendees). Imagine a streaming experience that is customizable individually while also maintaining an easy-to-use and quick interface. That is the trending pattern in consumer needs. With more and more users being digital natives, there is a growing need for content to be interactive and personalized.

Unlimited streams

Infinite streams for infinite possibilities. Watch the concert and simultaneously keep an eye on the drummer, the singer or the DJ set. For those looking to party, show a feed of the crowd. It’s the same concert, from multiple perspectives!

Whereas the concept of concerts in Multiview isn’t new, previous software was limited to a small number of feeds. By enabling an unlimited number of streams, concerts can broadcast as many camera feeds as are available.


Inside the stadium, attendees can only watch the performance from one perspective, that being the place where they are standing. When using Tiledmedia Multiview, viewers select and deselect perspectives which they enjoy. Streams can be resized and moved around for their own optimal experience. As every user creates their ideal concert experience, service providers target the entire audience instead of addressing the most popular needs in a single director’s cut.

Let’s assume the concert has a phenomenal drummer which only a subpart of the audience is interested in. The drummer’s fans can then enlarge an extra stream and watch both the concert and the drummer. Such next level personalization, satisfies the needs of every viewer.

Massive Scalability

Especially famous bands and popular concerts might have a large and possibly global audience. However, personalizing the experience and reaching millions of users are features that usually clash with regular multiview solutions. Therefore, streaming providers either have to limit application features or limit their audience reach. Tiledmedia Multiview approaches these issues from various perspectives.

First, there is no edge processing, all streams are encoded just once and every viewer selects their own streams in the multiview application. Also, Tiledmedia Multiview only streams the feeds at the size and resolution that the end user is watching on their screen. This lowers the bandwidth and decoding power, making the stream available to an even larger number of devices, while also remaining cost efficient.

Especially for live events streaming low bandwidth is crucial. Together with seamless switching between feeds and smooth audio, Tiledmedia Multiview creates an immersive concert experience (particularly in VR).

Tiledmedia Multiview provides flexibility, speed, and freedom. Users just need their device and are ready to enjoy the show.

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June 10, 2022

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