V9 Brings Better Multiview, Lower Latency, Spatial Audio

V9 update release

Tiledmedia SDK V9 Brings Better Multiview, Lower Latency, Spatial Audio

Oct ’22 – We released V9 of the Tiledmedia SDKs. This major new version adds support for many new features and improves on a few others. Highlights are the greatly enhanced support for creating multiview applications, scalable low-latency  streaming, full OVROverlay support on Meta Quest headsets, and up to third order binauralised ambisonics. Furthermore, this release include significant performance and API improvements.

What’s new?

Here’s a bit more detail on what’s new.

  • The most notable upgrade is the much enhanced support for playback of multi-view mosaic content in our Unity SDKs for mobile devices and headsets. Play many streams simultaneously, with full interactivity, instantaneous stream switching and seamless audio. We’ve also upgraded the Multiview APIs – see below.
  • After a major re-engineering effort, the Tiledmedia SDKs now support sub-second glass-to-glass latency for single-view streams, and just over a second for multiview applications. This is all still extremely scalable http streaming, no need for e.g., WebRTC. Our industry leading solution enables streaming providers to prolong their viewer engagement through an increased quality of experience. This upgrade applies to both mobile devices and headsets.
  • On an update mainly targeted at VR headsets, v9 adds Spatial audio in the form of decoding and binaurilisation of up to 3rd order ambisonics  audio, adding high-quality immersive audio to the highest quality immersive VR. Streaming platforms and broadcasters can now get stunning visuals, user-interactivity, and cinema-like audio, all combined within a single software package: the Tiledmedia Player SDK. V9 offers a combinaton of immersive tools that adds value to your content, enhancing customer experience.
Developer Goodies
  • Now that our Unity SDK supports sprite-based rendering, creating a 2D oriented video player environment has become significantly simpler.
  • We’ve improved the player API’s for Mosaic Multiview, making them more developer-friendly and fitting to the platform. The improved API’s allow for cleaner app level code and easier integration.
  • V9 adds support for playing ClearVR encoded content on OVROverlay for all Meta Quest Headsets. Play up to 16K monoscopic or 12K stereoscopic content on the Quest 2 and combine the most efficient and highest quality ClearVR streaming format with the highest quality rendering technology on your headset.
  • The new release includes significant performance improvements, reducing overall memory footprint and CPU usage.
There’s more..
  • We now support  accurate cross-platform inter-device playback synchronization. This was already supported across Android devices, and v9 adds support for iOS to the mix. If viewers experience buffering during a live stream because of their connection, The SDK can gently bring them back to the live edge by a subtle, seamless increase in play-back speed.
  • The Tiledmedia SDK adds support for the Apple arm64 and x86_64 emulator and Apple tvOS.

Try out the Tiledmedia player for yourself on IOS and Android


Stay Tuned!

Any questions on the new release, or any of the other features we support? Or maybe you have a feature request? Drop us a note!

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October 10, 2022

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