BT looking at tiled VR streaming

30 Jun – BT looking at tiled VR streaming

Speaking at The Future of Broadcasting conference on 28 June, Andrew Gower, head of the interactive media research group at BT, spoke about providing significantly higher quality for BT’s experimental VR broadcasts. Digital TV Europe reported:

“[…] another solution is to stream only the part of the field of vision that viewers are focusing on at any one time. Gower said that, in VR, people are typically only looking at a part of the screen. BT has worked with Huawei and Tiledmedia to capture very high resolution video, initially in 8K, to extract out the specific viewpoint of an individual, which is delivered to the viewer instead of transmitting the whole 360° field. ” (full article here)

(This is what we showed at BT Innovation 2017 – see previous post – with Tilemedia’s tiling technology integrated into Viaccess-Orca‘s Virtual Stadium App for the Gear VR.)

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June 30, 2017

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