ClearVR Overview


Tiledmedia ClearVR products are optimized to deliver the highest possible VR360 or panoramic streaming video quality to VR headsets or tablets. Our ClearVR products are designed to be easily integrated in existing media production and delivery chains from broadcasters, operators and OTT players.

To enable high fidelity ClearVR streaming several components are required to work together: ClearVR SDK, ClearVR Packager and optionally ClearVR Cloud for those customers who do not want to build their own encoding platform. The picture below shows how these elements work together.

The ClearVR SDK contains the intelligence for high quality VR360 and panoramic streaming in a software library that needs to be integrated into a customer’s streaming application. For our software streaming library to operate, specially packaged containers of VR360 or panoramic video need to be put on a content delivery network (CDN).  A suitable encoding chain needs to be in place to create those ‘ClearVR streams’. ClearVR Cloud combines this encoding functionality with the ClearVR Packager for customers who do not want to build their own encoding chain. ClearVR Cloud takes as input a stitched VR360 or panoramic video, splits it up in tiles, encodes it and packages it for CDN delivery.



Tiledmedia supports the following products:


Clear VR SDK, high fidelity streaming intelligence to integrate with a player application. The ClearVR SDK handles all network and media delivery functions and interfaces with the decoder on the device.


Clear VR Cloud, one stop shop for processing VR360 or panoramic videos to produce packaged tile streams that are ready to store on any Content Delivery Network.


ClearVR Packager, our packaging solution for delivery of encoded tile streams to a CDN. Can be integrated with any existing encoding and processing platform for customers who want to build their own ClearVR content processing chain.


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