ClearVR Packager

ClearVR Packager is a tool set that integrates ClearVR encoding and packaging into your platform, enabling efficient transcoding of VR360 content into high-quality consumer video that can be streamed from any CDN. The tool set comprises two elements:


  • ClearVR (Live) Packager, the heart of any ClearVR streaming solution. It packages live or on-demand ClearVR compatible encoded HEVC bitstreams into a format suitable for distribution via a CDN.
  • ClearVR Projector is a GPU based projection, scaling and tiling solution that allows its users to convert a number of  projections into a tiled cubic projection, in real time. The projector provides a number of filtering options and supports fisheye, equirectangular, cube-mapped and cylindrical projections


These components are typically used by customers that build their own cloud platform or embedded solution for ClearVR encoding and packaging. Customers that rely on the ClearVR Packager always build a bespoke solution, so please contact us for details if you are interested.