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Low-Latency VR Streaming

ClearVR technology enables ultra low-latency VR with a latency of less than 3 seconds, which is scalable to millions of people.

Low-Latency VR Streaming

ClearVR enables low-latency distribution of live content to consumer devices, including head-mounted displays, smartphones and tablets. We have optimised the ultra low-latency delivery of video at scale, distributed via CDNs. Our low-latency streaming solution delivers a glass-to-glass latency in the order of 2 seconds.

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Immediate Interaction

Low-latency is particularly important if you want to enable immediate interaction between the viewers and the content and/or host. A good use case example is virtual tourism or virtual tours in general. Our technology allows the participants to instruct the tour guide on where to go and what they want to see. By doing live low-latency VR streaming, the tour and participant interaction are not limited by pre-recorded material. You can do a slightly different tour every day, not two tours are exactly the same. The participants can freely direct the guide and camera during the tour and ask questions without any communication latency. Your audience will have a genuine feeling of being on-site, live.

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Cost Efficient & Scalable

The live VR low-latency streaming is able to scale to thousands or millions of viewers globally at a low cost. It allows the distribution of your tours and events to as many people as you would like, over any CDN. The encoding fee per user per minute is small, making the solution very cost efficient.

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Social Experiences

ClearVR lets all viewers stay in perfect sync and share the same emotions at the exact same time. Our SDK ensures that your users are kept at the live edge even if they would experience an occasional buffering event, again keeping them in sync. ClearVR is a complete toolkit to build a co-viewing experience: let your users participate in live tours or events together with their friends or family. Where VR used to be an isolating experience, ClearVR enables friends to share excitement and disappointment as it happens, no matter where they are.

Using ClearVR enables us to bring live tours and events straight to your consumers

VR360 can be used as a new way to engage with the audience, offering them a way to experience tours and events. They can explore museums or exhibitions on a private tour, or visit their favourite places in the world. Further, virtual reality can provide the option to experience remote locations to people who are physically unable to travel. If you want to give your customers a real live experience, you should provide your service in low latency VR streaming. Your visitors can direct the guide and the camera in real time, giving maximum flexibility. They can talk to the guide and their fellow visitors, and instruct the tour guide on where to go and what they want to see. This provides the tour participants with a genuine feeling of being live on site.

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ClearVR supports the most popular headsets, tablets and phones

Low-Latency VR is powered by our ClearVR technology, consisting of two products: ClearVR Cloud and ClearVR SDK. ClearVR services and software are optimized to deliver low-latency VR180/VR360 streaming to VR headsets and mobile devices. While we assume that your users use a headset or a mobile device, low-latency streaming can also be enabled for web playback. Our mission is to enable reliable distribution of live VR streams that scale to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers. ClearVR is designed to easily integrate in existing media production workflows and delivery chains. The viewer experience is always optimized and reliable.

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