Magenta VR: 1st Bundesliga Basketball match live in VR

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09 Dec – Magenta VR: 1st Bundesliga Basketball match live in VR

Deutsche Telekom has  streamed a live Basketball Match from the German “Bundesliga” in high quality, 6K tiled VR on Sunday 9 December at 15:00 CET. The match was covered with two cameras, and every user of the Magenta VR app had free access. The app allows seamless switching between the two cameras, of which one is placed at the sideline in the middle of the court, and the other is mounted to one of the basket posts.

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Read the press release here (in German): Magenta Virtual Reality: Basketball Bundesliga erstmals live im 360-Grad-Stream.

Here is an English translation of the full release:

Magenta Virtual Reality: Basketball Bundesliga live for the first time in 360-degree stream

  • Telekom Baskets Bonn against EWE Baskets Oldenburg on 9 December in 360-degree live streaming
  • Innovative live technology: Tiled-Based Streaming ensures HD experience
  • Free access for anyone with Magenta VR App

On the 9th of December, a Telekom Baskets game against EWE Oldenburg Baskets will be broadcast for the first time in the Magenta VR app – live from the Telekom Dome in Bonn, in high-quality 360-degrees video. The live stream will be available for free, and the transmission starts at 14:45 hours, with the tip-off at 15:00 hours.

The online VR distribution of this basketball game allows sports and basketball enthusiasts to be present up close via the App. With the Magenta VR App, you can cheer with the teams in 360 degree VR directly from the sidelines. Deutsche Telekom uses an innovative technology for the live stream – the so-called Tiled-Based Stream, which transmits the video in the user’s direct field of view in HD resolution. With a VR headset like the Lenovo Mirage Solo, streaming users feel even more present in the stadium, live, while the game happens.

Stephan Heininger, Head of Deutsche Telekom Virtual Reality, is convinced: “With Magenta VR and Magenta Musik 360, Telekom already offers a wide range of excellent virtual entertainment formats. In doing so, we are always looking to offer our users the highest streaming quality and, in the future, even more live broadcasts. Tiled-based streaming already enables the best VR experience ever.”

Dr. Stefan Holz, Managing Director of EasyCredit BBL, is also enthusiastic: “The 360-degree live streaming is further proof that with Deutsche Telekom we have an innovative partner at our side that always finds ways to take reporting on our sport to a new level. “

Users can watch the 360 ​​degree sport highlight for free via the Magenta VR app on Android smartphones, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and Daydream headsets.

Anett Sattler and ex-basketball international Pascal Roller will be on site for interviews, introducing the new 360-degree broadcast to the audience as well as providing  game analysis. Match commentary is provided by Stefan Koch.

The technical implementation:

  • Magnum Film acts as a general contractor, is responsible for the production on site and manages the others partners together with Deutsche Telekom.
  • INVR.SPACE is responsible for recording the 360-degree streams in 6K resolution.
  • MediaKind transfers the streams to the cloud and processes, encodes and distributes them via a CDN for Magenta VR users.
  • Tiledmedia’s innovative tile-based streaming technology was integrated in the MediaKind platform as well as Magenta VR app,allowing streaming in high quality via regular internet connections and even over 4G.
  • Iconic Engine implemented support for the tile-based live stream in the Magenta VR App for an intuitive, immersive and interactive experience. “
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December 9, 2018

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