See Tiledmedia Multiview in Action at NAB 2024

See Tiledmedia’s Multiview Magic in Action at NAB!

2024 NAB Tiledmedia

As always, Tiledmedia will be present at NAB, for demos and meetings.

We don’t have our own booth presence but something almost better than that: you can see our multiview magic in action in the AWS (W1701) and EZDRM (W2320) stands.

Tiledmedia’s Co-Founder Rob Koenen and General Manager China Glenn van der Meer are available for meetings and demos, and to discuss how multiview can make your services more sticky and engaging.

They will also be happy to explain how Tiledmedia’s Multiview is a much more flexible, scalable and seamless solution than the solutions currently deployed by Apple and YouTube.

And we can obviously discuss your VR projects as well, including our support for the Apple Vision Pro.

If we’re not in meetings you may be able to find us at the EZDRM booth, but it’s best to reach out and set something up: schedule a meeting at NAB ’24.


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April 4, 2024

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Rob Koenen

Stay tuned!

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