AWS Elemental Adds Support for Tiledmedia Multiview

AWS Elemental supports live Tiledmedia Multiview encoding. AWS Elemental customers can now configure their encodes to be compatible with Tiledmedia’s unique multiview player

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A Better Multiview, More Flexible and More Scalable

AWS Elemental added support for Tiledmedia’s Multiview format to its live encoding platform. Having multiview encoding available as a standard encoding option in Elemental will make it straightforward for content providers to upgrade their consumer experience and provide exciting multiview options to their users.

Multiview is rapidly gaining in popularity with offerings from YouTube and Apple that allow users to keep track of multiple games at the same time. But these solutions have limited flexibility and reach. The technology offered by AWS Elemental and Tiledmedia is much more flexible and scalable than either Apple’s or YouTube’s approach.

Removing Constraints

Tiledmedia Multiview removes the constraints on the number of feeds a user can select on their screen and on their lay-out, without requiring any additional encodes. Elemental users simply configure a few settings to ensure compatibility of their encodes with multiview playback. The resulting encodes are still regular HLS streams and they can still be used for normal, single view playback.

Multiview tableOffering multiview is a surefire way to make multi-game sports viewing more sticky, as Apple and YouTube show. Tiledmedia Multiview is also an amazing way to make multi-camera games much more immersive, with its instant camera switches with zero buffering. As well, Tiledmedia Multiview provides  infinite possibilities for Picture-in-Picture, synced down to the frame. Give fans the option to add their own story to that of the director, and let them switch between the different views instantly. Or, let them replay key moments without losing track of the real-time action.

Let AWS Convince You at NAB

At NAB, AWS folks will show the Tiledmedia Multiview magic at work. Go check it out at the AWS Stand W1701 in the West Hall.

It’s also on display at the EZDRM stand, W2320.

Wondering how to make your own Elemental encodes multiview-compatible? Please reach out to me and we’ll show how easy it is. You can find me at rob at tiledmedia . com.

And see the screenshot  below – it’s really that simple.

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April 3, 2024

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Rob Koenen

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