MPEG “OMAF v.2” specification moves to final stage


23 Oct – MPEG “OMAF v.2” specification moves to final stage

Last week MPEG held its 132nd meeting – not in Rennes, FR as originally planned, but online. MPEG experts discussed, among many other topics, final tweaks to the new version of the “Omnidirectional MediA Format” (OMAF) standard.

The OMAF v.2 specification was promoted to “Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). This means that the text is now frozen. The FDIS will go out for a last Yes/No ballot shortly – a ballot that invariably gets a “Yes”.

One of the major additions in v.2 is the “Advanced Tiling Profile” which is based on Tiledmedia’s ClearVR tech.

Our VR math guru Xavier Corbillon is writing an in-depth blog about one really cool element that underpins “Advanced Tiling”: the so-called mesh box. Check back here shortly to understand how the mesh box makes tiled VR distribution much more flexible and efficient.

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October 23, 2020

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