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Multiview Madness, the ultimate solution to your Sunday sports woes.

Picture this: it’s Sunday and you’re tuning in to the latest football game. You can’t help but wonder what’s happening in the other games. How are your fantasy players performing? Are they scoring touchdowns, making interceptions or getting injured? Traditional broadcasting methods can make it challenging to keep up with these things.

Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview solution allows viewers to enjoy as many games as possible on a single device. Experience the thrill of the game like never before. Multiview enables an interface where multiple camera streams are displayed simultaneously, allowing you to keep an eye on all the action happening across multiple games.

What does this mean? An enhanced viewing experience so you can stay on top of all the action. A virtually unlimited amount of streams for a fully customizable viewing experience. Follow your favorite team, keep an eye on all the action, pull up live stats and highlights, create your own story to the game and make the most out of your Sunday sports experience.

Massive scalability

Unlike other solutions in the market that only offer either customization or scalability, our solution offers both. The key is that we only need a single set of encodes for all fans, which means no expensive edge processing or per-user cloud computing is required.

Additionally, our solution utilizes just one single video decoder in the user’s device to decode all incoming streams. This means that fans can access the content on a wide range of devices such as tablets, phones, or smart TVs, making it easily accessible for millions of fans, no matter where they are located.

Unlimited possibilities

Mosaic Multiview is built to revolutionize the way fans watch sports by giving them complete control over their viewing experience. Our solution offers a wide range of personalization options that allow fans to customize their viewing experience to their exact preferences.

Mosaic Multiview’s flexible software can combine fantasy football fans with a variety of advanced features, including analytics, visualization tools, player comparisons and other relevant statistics, all of which can help them make more informed decisions and increase their engagement with the games.

If you provide services to die-hard fans a fantasy football players or just viewers who love to keep up with the latest trends, Mosaic Multiview is the ultimate way to make them experience the excitement of Football.

See for yourself

Curious to see for yourself?  Download the latest version of the Tiledmedia Player on IOS & Android, the app contains a demo scene of multiple football games that you can freely interact with.

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January 18, 2023

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