Take control of encoding VR content with ClearVR Cockpit

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16 Nov – Take control of encoding VR content with ClearVR Cockpit

It’s quite an amazing feeling to be turning on some 6 000 CPU cores with just a few clicks. That’s exactly what happens when we start the ClearVR Live transcoders for a four-camera 8k VR360 football match. And now our customers can do this for themselves. In fact, some of them have already started to do so.

ClearVR Cockpit is our new tool that allows partners and customers to manage their own transcodes. It is a cross-platform tool that works on Linux, Windows and MacOS. Tablet versions will follow soon. We use it to spin up resources in Europe, the US, Asia … from the comfort of our home.

Next to managing our live transcoders, ClearVR Cockpit can be used for transcoding on-demand content. It can take content from basically any location, transcode it into ClearVR format, and then ingest it into a CDN origin of your choice.

In the video below, I explain how easy it is to start an on-demand transcode in ClearVR Cloud.

The video is also available with Chinese subtitles on Tiledmedia’s WeChat page.

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

And if you have high-quality VR content that you would like to see in ClearVR format, you can also contact me. We can transcode it for you and make it available in our demo app.

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November 16, 2020

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Glenn van der Meer

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