Tall foreigner climbs stage in Nanchang, explains 8K VR sports live streaming in Chinese

Glenn interview

Glenn van der Meer being interviewed at the WCVRI 


On October 19-20, the yearly World Conference on the Virtual Reality Industry (WCVRI) took place in Nanchang, China. Tiledmedia was represented by their Business Development Manager China, Glenn van der Meer. Here are some of his impressions:

“This is the second time that I’ve attended the WCVRI in person, and I was impressed once again by how smoothly it is organized. Concerns about the Covid-19 virus made it more difficult for the organizers, but they pulled it off anyway. I love walking around the conference floor and talking to the many familiar and unfamiliar faces that have a common passion for VR and innovation in media. I was also lucky enough to try new hardware such as the HTC Flow. I can definitely say that there is lots of movement in the VR market in China.”

Genn vr

Glenn trying out the new HTC Flow


“During the event, there were multiple different sub-fora, diving deeper into certain topics within the VR industry. One of the organizers of the ‘VR + the Good Life’ sub-forum, Migu Video, kindly invited me to talk about Tiledmedia’s video processing solutions for live streaming sports games and how this ties to living the good life with VR. During my presentation, I explained that Tiledmedia has recently expanded its portfolio of video processing solutions. On top of our 8K VR live streaming solution, we now also offer a VR + Multiview solution that can combine immersive video with standard video all in the same picture, and gives viewers unprecedented freedom when watching live streams (you can read more about this Mosaic solution here). Furthermore, we also provide a super low-latency solution for customers that value low-end-to-end delay.“

“In short, Tiledmedia’s solution can handle many of the issues that our customers face when distributing immersive content, without having to completely overhaul the customer’s existing system.” Watch Glenn’s full presentation here (in Mandarin):

And watch the entire sub-forum video here.

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October 29, 2021

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Glenn van der Meer

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