Tiledmedia Joins Intel Network Builders Program

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18 Feb – Tiledmedia Joins Intel Network Builders Program

Tiledmedia is proud to have joined Intel’s Network Builders Program. Our membership reflects our close cooperation with Intel, in which Intel Visual Cloud engineers have done a significant amount of work to support our live and on-demand encoding solutions.

Not only did Intel adapt its Scalable Video Technologies (SVT) HEVC encoder to observe the constraints that make our tiling tech work; they also squeezed out every last CPU cycle, so that we can use it in real-time for encoding 8K VR.

Intel’s open source SVT-HEVC encoder now powers our ClearVR Cloud Live platform, while the encoder can also run locally (on-premise) or in a (mobile) edge server. And it’s really many encoders running in parallel: for an 8k live stream we may need to encode over 200 tiles with SD-like resolution, all in real-time, with very tight timing constraints.

We are showing the edge solution at Mobile World Congress ’19 in Barcelona – come check it out!

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February 18, 2019

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