Unveiling “Sky Worlds” at the Mile High Video Workshop

Sky Worlds Unveiled at Mile High Video Workshop

30 Nov – Unveiling “Sky Worlds” at the Mile High Video Workshop

The annual Mile High Video workshop is an incredible event where the world’s leading experts on streaming tech gather and speak. Organized by Comcast, this event focuses squarely on technology. No marketing blablah, just straight talk about the latest developments in media tech.

Richard Mills of Sky UK and I will explain how we produce and distribute Sky’s groundbreaking live VR Football experience, recently (soft-)launched by Sky in beta. “Sky Worlds” is a great collaboration of Sky UK, LiveLike VR for the application, and Tiledmedia for the transcoding and the ClearVR-enabled distribution.

Sky Worlds provides the best experience after actually being in the stadium. Which, with the current lockdown, is now the best possible experience, full stop. But it will still be very cool even when the lockdown eases up! Using an Oculus Quest 2 you can choose your own viewpoint – your own seat in the stands really. And you can rapidly switch between those seats while voice-chatting with your friends.

I showed it to a friend of mine yesterday, an avid Feyenoord fan with a season ticket. He was very excited with the experience, and told me he would definitely watch games this way.

And note that this is the first public talk about Sky Worlds! It will be on Friday the 4th at 17:40 CET, 16:40 GMT, 10:40 EST, 7:40 PST.

Register at https://mile-high.video/ The entire workshop is completely free to attend, although it’s really to good to be free. And you do need to register to attend.

Sky Words is available here in the Oculus Quest store, but note that the experience is only available in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. for everyone else there is a nice little clip.

Any questions? Contact me at [email protected].

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November 30, 2020

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