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A New Website to Mark a New Phase for Tiledmedia

New website

18 Jun – A New Website to Mark a New Phase for Tiledmedia

Tiledmedia launched its brand-new website this week. The new design reflects our transition, since late 2016, from a start-up with cool tech and seed funding to a profitable scale-up with deployed services and solutions. The website has a more compelling look (at least we think so 🙂 ) and highlights our customer’s use cases.

These use cases convey the power of ClearVR and we hope that they inspire visitors to strike up a discussion. The new design offers them everything they need to know about our products and services, while the site makes it easier to navigate and find information.

The new website also features an equally new video, explaining the power of ClearVR. Every visitor gets to see it at the top of our home page.

Also new: a dedicated landing page in Mandarin Chinese, allowing Tiledmedia to better connect with visitors from China. Together with Tiledmedia’s Wechat presence, the Mandarin landing page supports our Hangzhou office, established earlier this year, in its outreach to local customers.

Feel free to explore our newly designed website and discover new features and information that are useful to you!

Contact us if you have any questions by filling in our upgraded contact form.

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June 18, 2021

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