Tiledmedia Expands to China, Opens Office in Hangzhou

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11 Feb – Tiledmedia Expands to China, Opens Office in Hangzhou

Chinese New Year symbolizes and celebrates fresh starts. Indeed, the Year of the Ox brings changes for us. Not only does Tiledmedia distribute high-quality VR all over the globe, our staff is going global as well! Business Development Manager for Greater China, Glenn van der Meer, has just moved to China. He is currently going through the mandatory quarantine, one more week to go in Hangzhou after two weeks in Xiamen.

After his release from quarantine Glenn will be based in Hangzhou, which he will use as a base to visit other cities in China as well. Tiledmedia is working on several proofs-of concepts in China, with ClearVR fully operational in Alibaba Cloud and our SDKs available for several Pico models and Skyworth headsets. Glenn will also represent Tiledmedia in other Asian countries and, COVID permitting, make actual business trips in the region.

Glenn is excited to represent Tiledmedia in China and sees many opportunities. These include the Beijing Olympics, various 5G and VR related projects, and major public events with the pandemic slowly getting under control. In Glenn’s own words: “We are getting a lot of interest for our 8K VR live streaming solution and our 12K VR distribution capabilities. Taken together with ongoing improvements in both VR headsets and 5G networks, this bodes well for our future here in China, we are definitely planning to stay!”

Live 8K VR360 with 5G Uplink

Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology has already been deployed in Hong Kong, by telecommunications operator PCCW. PCCW debuted its 8K streaming service at the popular Kingmaker event on 26 December last year. Today, 11 February, PCCW is streaming live video from the New Year Market using a 5G contribution uplink.

You can contact Glenn by sending an e-mail to [email protected]; emails are welcome in English or Chinese. Follow our WeChat channel by scanning the QR code below.

We wish you all a happy Lunar New Year, and we hope to meet you in China very soon!


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February 11, 2021

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Glenn van der Meer

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