New Staff: Mimi and Min join Tiledmedia

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16 Mar – New staff: Mimi and Min join Tiledmedia

With Tiledmedia growing larger, we are happy to welcome two new staff members. Min Huang has started as Front-End Developer, and Mimi Lounio as VP Marketing & Sales. They make our already international staff even more diverse.

Mimi: VP of Marketing and Sales

While Mimi Lounio is Finnish, she has lived and worked in numerous countries, including the United States and Germany. She came to the Netherlands almost 7 years ago, when she was offered a job position in Amsterdam. That’s after she had just finished her Master’s degree in International Marketing Management, specialising in high tech and innovations. A perfect match for Tiledmedia.

Mimi is responsible for Tiledmedia’s marketing & sales strategy and activities. This involves a wide variety of tasks. First and foremost, Mimi obviously works with our existing and potential customers. Then there are tasks like revamping the website, working with video agencies, making sales forecasts, working on newsletters, and many more.

In Mimi’s own words: “I find our innovative customer projects very interesting and inspiring. I used to work for a large corporation and now I am happy to be joining a much smaller start-up, with very cool technology. There are many possibilities for me to learn new things and also for personal development.

I am also very interested in understanding the adoption of VR better. One of the key factors in VR adoption is of course the user experience. This includes high quality (with realistic bandwidth needs) and social experiences – and Tiledmedia facilitates both.

I am also very excited about our product roadmap and taking that to customers. The roadmap includes an all-new feature called “Mosaic”. It will be deployed with a very cool new series of motor sport events in the upcoming months. Unfortunately, I can’t say more at this point :-)’’

Min: Front-end Developer

All the way from Taiwan comes Min Huang, our new Front-End Developer. Like Mimi, Min has an international background: she lived in Singapore for a while. Min initially came to The Netherlands to study for her Master’s at TU Delft, five years ago. After finishing her degree in Design for Interaction, she ended up staying here as she saw good opportunities for becoming a developer. She discovered Tiledmedia through a close friend: Stan, our all-round software developer. Observing how much Stan enjoyed working at Tiledmedia, Min decided to apply as well.

Min: “The most important thing for me is to create benefits for end-users, which is why I am happy to be working on our customer-facing tools. My first project will be redesigning, and then developing, the ClearVR Cockpit.

I look forward to taking the lead for the Cockpit because I’ll have a lot of freedom to decide what the product will look like. During my studies, I discovered that I really like programming. Design is my primary focus right now, but I am excited to also start programming soon.

In my first week, I found out that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I like that everyone is easy-going and that I can directly talk to all of my colleagues!

If you are interested in joining Tiledmedia, check out our Jobs page to see if we have a suitable opening.

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March 16, 2021

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