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IBC has been our home game for 7 years; it’s the show that launched Tiledmedia as a company after we showed our revolutionary Tiled Streaming technology for VR with Harmonic in 2016.

We created a solid business with our ClearVR technology over these seven years. More recently, building on the same tiled streaming tech foundations, we have also developed the unique “Mosaic Multiview” technology, now ready for prime time on mobile devices and in web browsers.

With a new drive towards more personal viewing experiences to keep younger audiences engaged, and the likes of Apple and Google launching their own multiview solutions, the time is ripe for a solution that is much more flexible and scalable than anything that is currently deployed.

A short clip demonstrating the power of our Mosaic Multiview streaming technology is below.

Does that look interesting?

Then please book a meeting to discuss how Tiledmedia’s low-latency, live multiview technology can improve user engagement. And to discover how multiview can increase ad revenue. And to see some amazing demos that leave the boring 4-video grid in the dust. Finally, find out how Tiledmedia’s cross-platform multiview player delivers scalable, low-latency, engaging streaming services across mobile devices and web browsers.

Obviously, we’re also available to discuss 8K+ VR streaming projects, and explain how you can benefit from the same ClearVR technology that is used in the most high-profile sports competitions and events worldwide. Unfortunately we can’t show all these projects on our website, but we are happy to provide more detail in a private setting.

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September 6, 2023

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Rob Koenen

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