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In the Netherlands, we have a tradition of writing proverbs and aphorisms on porcelain tiles that are used as decorative wall-hangings. This tradition dates all the way back to the 16th century! The text on a tile is called a Tegeltjeswijsheid, which loosely translates as Tiled Wisdom.  Obviously, this part of Dutch culture links up very nicely with Tiledmedia, in both name and spirit. Although we won’t be able to fit all the commercial benefits of Tiledmedia’s Multiview Solution on a single tile, we still think it is Tiled Wisdom to have a read!

Today’s video streaming industry is still growing and innovating, but tight margins and less available capital force streaming platforms to thoroughly consider any investments in software used in their workflows. Previously, we at Tiledmedia have described the technical superiority of our Tiledmedia Multiview solution, along with several use cases such as Motocross, Music Concerts, and Pro Cycling.

In this post I will argue how Tiledmedia Multiview makes sense from a commercial perspective for you and your streaming business.

Increase user stickiness, decrease churn: Tiledmedia Multiview will give your users the most personalized and flexible streaming experience possible, offering each viewer unprecedented control of what they see on screen. With your fans in control of the camera angles and layout, average viewing time and overall viewer retention will increase, raising the value of the streaming platform as well as letting you stand out from the competition.

Next-generation advertisements: Our solution supports flexible Picture-in-Picture (PiP) advertisements, in addition to traditional pre-roll and mid-roll ads. PiP advertisements are much less intrusive, yet more intuitive, which prevents viewers from leaving the stream. Support for targeted ads comes almost for free: Viewer A could see a PiP ad for sneakers while Viewer B gets a PiP ad for coffee, without the need for complicated and timing-sensitive stream switching logic. Needless to say that this significantly improves the yield for advertisers, leading to more revenue for the streaming platform.

Efficient distribution: Tiledmedia Multiview relies on the tiled distribution of video files, which means the video player only fetches the pixels that are on the viewer’s screen. This results in less bandwidth consumption when compared to other multiview solutions. Less bits on the wire means faster response times, more reach, and lower CDN cost.

Increase reach: Tiledmedia Multiview lets you grow your audience in two ways. The first is our cross-platform support: Our solution runs on phones (Android & iOS), tablets, PCs, VR headsets, and set-top-boxes. The second factor is the tiled distribution lowers the user-side bandwidth bar, as well as device decoding requirements. This means that even users with slower networks and older devices can still enjoy personalized live streaming, opening vast new markets outside the most developed areas.

Low-barrier deployment: Streaming platforms can be hesitant to switch to other video player software, as they are concerned that it will disrupt their current system. Tiledmedia’s software is deployed into your current workflow without requiring a complete overhaul. Our Tiledmedia Player software works with both Unity and Native video player applications on Android and iOS. Our Tiledmedia Cloud APIs make it easy to integrate your CMS with Tiledmedia’s Cloud transcoders, and we provide the Tiledmedia Cockpit as a customer-facing tool that will make any Live Streaming event easy to manage and monitor.

Past- and Future-Proof: The Tiledmedia player stack is built from the ground up for advanced use cases, but it handles traditional streaming formats just as well – and very robustly so. It performs fully consistent across different platforms, unlike AVplayer or Exoplayer based solutions in the market, and allows you to leverage your existing content catalog. After deployment, you can add next-generation multiview content to your offering at the speed you think is best. The Tiledmedia Player also supports very low latency streaming  — sub-second end-to-end. And it does so with ordinary HLS, so it’s still mass-scalable. No need to deploy expensive WebRTC solutions. And if you get in to immersive services: the same Player SDK handles tiled, high-resolution ClearVR and low-latency live immersive streaming. If at any time you decide your platform needs to go immersive or low-latency, you will already have the tool in hand to do it.

Let’s talk Business

Completing the commercial pitch for Tiledmedia’s Multiview solution is our business model; streaming platforms already use KPIs like MAU, average viewing time, ARPU, and per-minute encoding & distribution costs in their current business deliberations. With this in mind, Tiledmedia’s cost-structure scales with usage and the size of the content operation, making it predictable and very suited for growing your platform towards a large-scale streaming operation. Once users notice the benefits of Tiledmedia Multiview, the KPIs will improve, therefore making Tiledmedia Multiview a genuine win-win business proposition for all your streaming needs!

As you can see, our aim is to add to the importance of Tiles in the media industry, adding a digital aspect in addition to the physical tradition of old. We hope that the arguments above will make our solutions the obvious choice for content streaming platforms. We look forward to discussing your commercial projects, and we would love to hear what you would put on a Tile as your Tegeltjeswijsheid! Reach us at hi at tiledmedia.com.

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April 21, 2023

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Glenn van der Meer

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